Yin Yang


Walking hand-in-hand  late one afternoon on a beach in the North Shore area of Oahu, we enjoyed the sand between our toes while venturing toward ancient lava rocks, jagged in some places regardless of the lapping sea. Being the parents of two incredible children together, and also two children separately, we rarely get time alone. There we were, in paradise enjoying life, and celebrating our 14 year anniversary a few months early. I’m in New York City for Bridal Market every year on our anniversary and my sweet husband is with our younger children…at home, doing homework while I paw through gorgeous wedding dresses, attending parties, and generally having a lot of fun.

I couldn’t think of a better way to document this year together than by having professional photos taken by my friend and fine art photographer, Whitney Huynh of Tulle and Grace, while in Hawaii.

She … [read more]

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Autumn Love


There’s nothing much better than an autumn wedding to me, which is why my own wedding was in October! This fantastic styled shoot brings in fall elements with a bit of Halloween and lots of love between this gorgeous couple!










Photographer:  Shelly Taylor Photography//Dress Store:Cinderella Couture//Equipment Rentals: Confetti Rentals//Floral Designer: Creative Innovations//Makeup Artist: Fascino Beauty //Bakery: Simply Sweet Bakery 2//Invitation Designer: Studio W Designs//Hair Stylist: Tana Lara//… [read more]

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“My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee the more I have, for both are infinite.”-William Shakespeare




Photographer:  Sasha Danielle Photographer//Bridesmaid Store: Babette’s Gowns//Floral Designer: Mt. Lebanon Floral//Makeup: Lauren Smith… [read more]

21 Ways Photographers Creatively Display Your Wedding Dress

Courtesy Tulle & Grace

Courtesy Tulle & Grace

Photography has evolved a lot since I was married in 2001. You might not think it has, but if you look back at some old wedding photos you can definitely see the different in the capturing detail. Oh, if only I could do it over again knowing what I know today (Pinterest!), but as much as I would love to do that, my time has come and gone.

Every day we receive countless submissions of photos for this blog, and we work tirelessly to narrow down the photos we choose, and some days it’s very difficult because we love them all! This week, instead of posting a whole wedding, we featuring very interesting ways photographers have displayed wedding dresses by using what is available to them at the wedding venue. Your job is to bring a pretty hanger–just in case. There’s nothing worse than a picture … [read more]

It’s all in the details!


Courtesy Tulle & Grace

Planning a wedding is a lot of work (thank you to all of the wonderful planners out there!), but in the end, you successfully captured the heart of the spouse of your dreams and once the dust settles, the reward for all of this work will ultimately be seen in your wedding photographs. Some of the most interesting wedding photos include closeups of the special details in a wedding. Props can be rented, but the most sentimental props come from things your family, your future spouse, or you already own. Sometimes reviving a piece or sprucing something up is as simple as an application of a little bit of paint or the polishing of silver.

The number of props are countless in one’s home, but before you start piling a bunch in a box, first think about the theme you want to convey at your event. … [read more]

Wyoming Wedding


Q&A with the bride:

Lindsay wanted the first time Nathan saw her to be when she started down the aisle, so they didn’t do a first-look photo session with the groom. She told us, “I also didn’t really do a traditional bridal session. Instead I did a mini boudoir session, which I am so so happy about. I was very pleased with the way they turned out. I gave my husband one of the boudoir pics printed on a large canvas for his birthday. He loves it! I do kind of wish I would have done at least a little bit of a bridal session because I don’t have many pics of just me in my dress. That would probably one thing I might change. The reason I didn’t do a bridal session or pics of our rehearsal dinner is because we had Logan take photos of our meet and … [read more]

Chariot Marie Photo Shoot


Playing dress up has never been so much fun! For this styled shoot concept, flowers are king (or queen)! We are nearly swooning over the tarnished crown, but in love with all of the soft pastel pallets adorning these beautiful ladies, the exquisite laces, and the ruffles!


















Created by: Kristen Booth & Karie Denny// Photographer: Tulle & Grace //Wardrobe & Designer: Chariot Marie// Creative Direction & Styling: Ace & Whim// Headpieces: Love Sparkle Pretty // Furniture Rentals: Establir// Florals: Ace & Whim, Karie Denny// Hair Stylists: Jenya Fowler, Ronda Albanez, Jesscia Monterrosa of Unveiled Hair & Makeup, Lindsey Donofrio // Makeup Artists: Jenya Fowler, Patricia Guerrera, Marla Nvamdori, Jenny Hopwood of Unveiled Makeup[read more]

West Coast Dreaming


For this photoshoot we were immediately inspired by the modern & sexy feel of The Loft. Using a modern day Boardwalk Empire theme, we want to make use of the brick, wood & leather elements of the room and furnishings.

We aligned the long wooden table with a gold sequined table runner and used a 3-foot wide set of moose antlers as the centerpiece which was adorned with heavy greens with marsala and peach toned florals. We added tall gold candle holders, gold charger plates, peach napkins & beaded gold napkin holders. The cracked style gold wine glasses brought a more modern & stylish element to the table decor. Cafe lights were hung over the white brick to help us create a cozy atmosphere, which also added a soft element to an otherwise masculine look.We also created a decorative display to feature a large cigar bar. We used mirrors, lanterns [read more]

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Mayfair Golf Club Wedding


Ashley and Phil were both happy to attend a themed birthday party of a mutual acquaintance, where they would unknowingly meet a whole new crowd. Phil attended with his friend Chris, and Ashley attended with her friend Kristin (Chris’ girlfriend). On their way to the party, Kristin said to Ashley, “Ashley, I just remembered, Chris’ friend Phil just got back from travelling, you have to meet him!”  She replied, “Kristin, thanks, but I’m not interested in anything to do a guy right now!” Famous last words…

The night went on and within a few hours, a cute young man (in a terrible costume) headed her direction. Before she knew it, it was hours later and she had just enjoyed the best conversation she had ever shared with someone she had just met. Numbers were exchanged, but Ashley vowed to herself to stay true to her mission for the summer…staying single … [read more]

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Amber & Andy’s Urban Ballroom Wedding

Zellner_Harrigan_Tara_Draper_Photography_AmberAndy27_lowInterview with Amber, the bride:

Tell us about your love story—how you met and fell in love.

Andy and I attended UW-Milwaukee’s Master’s program for counseling.  We were in a few classes together but I usually sat in the front and Andy in the back, leaving little opportunity to interact.  I organized a group event and a mutual friend invited Andy along and that’s where the sparks started to fly.  After hanging out in our counseling group of friends for 5 months, we decided to pull the trigger and officially start dating after a group camping trip to Devil’s Lake.  We were inseparable from that day on.

Were there any challenges in your wedding day?

I have 3 sisters and 2 of those sisters got engaged around the same time as Andy and I.  Long story short my family had 3 weddings within 11 months of each other.  I was … [read more]