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Walking hand-in-hand  late one afternoon on a beach in the North Shore area of Oahu, we enjoyed the sand between our toes while venturing toward ancient lava rocks, jagged in some places regardless of the lapping sea. Being the parents of two incredible children together, and also two children separately, we rarely get time alone. There we were, in paradise enjoying life, and celebrating our 14 year anniversary a few months early. I’m in New York City for Bridal Market every year on our anniversary and my sweet husband is with our younger children…at home, doing homework while I paw through gorgeous wedding dresses, attending parties, and generally having a lot of fun.

I couldn’t think of a better way to document this year together than by having professional photos taken by my friend and fine art photographer, Whitney Huynh of Tulle and Grace, while in Hawaii.

She … [read more]

Matthew Christopher Celebrates One Year in Manhattan Boutique

MC deskTen days ago I took a short journey to New York City to celebrate designer Matthew Christopher’s one year anniversary in the Fashion District of Manhattan. It was hot and everyone unlucky enough to be outside in the heat was desperate to be inside–anywhere that was cooler. Taxi cab drivers seemed to have gone berserk with horns honking more than usual, ambulances were dispatched for unknown emergencies, and all of us were caught in a deadlock. One ambulance followed my cab for about a mile, sirens blaring the whole time. I felt pity for the poor soul in the vehicle, who was likely awaiting the safety of a hospital, but stuck in the throes of rush-hour traffic.

I arrived a bit later than I had planned, and was hot. Oh, so hot. Matthew’s party had started without me, and even Matthew himself was running fashionably late due to the same … [read more]

Bridal Market October 2014

2014-04-13 14.59.31Fall Bridal Fashion Week is upon us, and we’ve been giddy with anticipation for weeks (although we managed to end up packing last minute- how does that always happen?).

The Wedding Story Writer team will be sharing everything we come across in New York from today, October 9 through Monday, October 13. Get a first-hand look at the latest wedding dresses and trends for 2015 as we attend shows for designers such as Romona Keveza, Watters, Sareh Nouri, Amsale, Ken Pool, Pnina Tornai, Amy Kuschel, and many others! It’s going to be quite a 5 day event!

Follow us @weddingstorywriter on Instagram, @WedStoryWriter on Twitter, and check out our Facebook page as we post, tweet, and Instagram our way through New York Bridal Fashion Week!

Don’t forget to come back here in the following weeks for recaps and features on our favorite finds of the season.

Are you ready for … [read more]

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Victorian Locket Pendant


Lockets are obviously something I am interested in, and this one stopped me in my tracks. This Victorian locket pendant is perfect for brides wearing v-neck wedding dresses. It fulfills your “something blue” requirement if you follow those rules, and is 14k gold with all natural Turquoise and pearls, as well as an old mine-cut diamond. You could pair this pendant necklace with stud pearl, gold, or turquoise earrings, or a combination of the three. It is certainly a statement piece, so an understated gown would work best with this necklace.

The center dangle section also contains a locket complete with original glass frame. Yes! It still has the original glass! Slip a portrait of your groom in the locket, or a photo of your parents on their wedding day and it immediately becomes an heirloom, ready to pass down to your own children and grandchildren of the future.

All of my best

 … [read more]

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Crown Cufflinks


Courtesy Deakin Francis

When it comes to weddings, companies and blogs often focus solely on the bride and her bridal party. At Wedding Story Writer, we like to shift the focus onto the grooms out there as often as we can. If you’re struggling with an idea for your leading man, a nice pair of cufflinks is always a good bet, as is a beautiful Legacy Book. Cufflinks are also a good way for the groom to be able to express his personality beyond the constraints of a tux, so don’t be afraid to have some fun when selecting a pair. Personally, we think cufflinks tend to be a better gift idea than ties and handkerchiefs. More often than not, these two items end up having to match the color scheme of the wedding, so there’s less room for personalization.

A good example is a set of crown … [read more]

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Judith Leiber Book Handbag

Courtesy Judith Leiber

Courtesy Judith Leiber

Judith Leiber, world famous bag designer, completely changed the look of the evening bag, taking it from boring afterthought to powerful, eye-catching accessory. In her designs, no detail is too grand, no shape too “ridiculous.” A Judith Leiber bag is really a work of art, and this vintage 1980s book bag is one of my all-time favorites.

There is simply no such thing as a Judith Lieber bag that doesn’t attract attention, and this book bag is no exception. Brightly colored and covered in crystals (as almost all of her minaudieres are), this literary bag comes with a detachable red silk rope so you can sling it across your shoulder when you’re on the move. It’s also a fairly decent size, so it’ll hold all of your essentials for a night out. I moon over this as much as I moon over the Chanel Bible Clutch[read more]

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Italian Renaissance Sapphire Necklace

Antique Necklace

“The necklace: an 18kt gold central cameo plaque on which is carved the beautiful form of a woman. Her cape is gracefully flowing as she walks, as is her lengthy hair. She is pensive. She is courtly and aristocratic. On the reverse the words in Italian “today and always”. Golden curved shells and flowers surround her boundaries as do sapphire gems and pearls. Garlands form double strands around the central medallion. Sapphires are linked in long suspension from these strands. To fasten this around the neck, a mesh neckband, flexible and light.

This appears to be a unique jewel made for a person of high position. Was it given to a woman by her lover, as a wedding gift, a promise? It is exception, and heart throbbing.

Lore: Sapphire, one of the most precious world gems, is considered the gem of gems. It was always connected to royalty. In medieval [read more]

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Godey’s Bridal Fashion

1884We’re going pretty far back this Friday straight in to the 1880s with some beautiful bridal fashion illustrations taken from Godey’s Lady’s Book, one of the most popular and widely circulated magazines pre-Civil War. This well-known magazine was marketed mostly to women, and contained fashion illustrations such as the ones featured here in almost every issue. Godey’s also catalogued dress trends at the beginning of every issue, making them a great historical source for finding out more about the fashion of the late 1800s.  1882

Godey’s covered trends from every day wear to bridal fashion. You can see from these illustrations that this was a rather conservative time for clothing, where women were covered from neck to feet and wore gloves to most functions. Despite these restraints, silhouettes were rather grand, and the skirts of many dresses were adorned with frills, bows, and intricate designs. Hats were also popular, many grandly … [read more]

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Cartier Pearl Necklace

Courtesy Cartier

Courtesy Cartier

Pearls are the epitome of femininity and sophistication, having been a staple in women’s jewelry for several decades in the 20th century. Adding a touch of simple elegance to any outfit, pearls seem to be making a comeback in wedding and everyday jewelry. You can imagine our joy when we found this gorgeous multi-strand necklace from Cartier that also happens to have that something blue in it. How could we resist?

Manufactured in the 1970s, this retro necklace is comprised of cultured pearls, and are a stunning contrast to the deep ocean hues of lapis lazuli. The delicate strands are entwined into a rope of white and blue, and held together by gold clasps also spotted with lapis lazuli stones. Very nautical in nature, this Cartier creation is the perfect statement necklace to finish off a summer outfit, or as that something blue for those barefoot weddings … [read more]

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A La Robe, Eco Fashion-Forward Bridal Gown Designs Made to Repurpose

Courtesy A La Robe

Courtesy A La Robe

Out of the hundreds of gowns I saw, touched, photographed, and played with during April’s Bridal Market in New York City, A La Robe’s genius Ready To Wear line was the most memorable. The Auckland, New Zealand based brand, headed by designer Elizabeth Soljak, was an Editors Pick by The Knot at their bridal event Couture…and for good reason.

Courtesy A La Robe

Courtesy A La Robe

A La Robe dresses are unlike any other because of layering. Not one dress is made to wear by itself. Soljak creates lightweight stunning slips, skirts, and overdresses, that when worn together gives you the perfect amount of couture boho bride…and without breaking the bank. Her prices are reasonable considering you will be purchasing your wedding gown as well as an ensemble that will be worn into the future, plus the attention to detail, and fabric choices she uses are flattering … [read more]
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