Matthew Christopher Celebrates One Year in Manhattan Boutique

MC deskTen days ago I took a short journey to New York City to celebrate designer Matthew Christopher’s one year anniversary in the Fashion District of Manhattan. It was hot and everyone unlucky enough to be outside in the heat was desperate to be inside–anywhere that was cooler. Taxi cab drivers seemed to have gone berserk with horns honking more than usual, ambulances were dispatched for unknown emergencies, and all of us were caught in a deadlock. One ambulance followed my cab for about a mile, sirens blaring the whole time. I felt pity for the poor soul in the vehicle, who was likely awaiting the safety of a hospital, but stuck in the throes of rush-hour traffic.

I arrived a bit later than I had planned, and was hot. Oh, so hot. Matthew’s party had started without me, and even Matthew himself was running fashionably late due to the same reason. I was just happy I made it there before the guest of honor arrived.

As I entered the elegant salon for the first time ever, a model was slowly walking to and from on the hardwood floors while wearing one of Matthew’s latest creations, with Cyndi, his marketing director, fluffing the train, greeting me with open arms as I made my way through the door.  Matthew’s team made sure all guests had a glass of wine in hand. On a nearby table stood a decadent Ron Ben-Israel Cake, along with delicate petit fours, almost too beautiful to eat, and a tray full of fresh fruits, cheeses, and crackers. Of course, I bee-lined for the petit fours before anything else, and wasn’t disappointed.

A few moments later, Matthew Christopher arrived, looking devilishly handsome in a tailored suit, a true gentleman greeting his guests with grace and elegance, showing his appreciation with a toast to kick off the celebration. There were several magazines covering the event, including Sophisticated Weddings and Martha Stewart Weddings, each spending precious moments with the designer trying to whittle out information about next season’s line. Oh wait, that was me doing that! Sorry, I was confused for a moment.

All kidding aside, I am really excited to see the new line that I know will be every bit as classic and timeless as previous years and we were all so happy to share in Matthew’s success in a exponentially growing cut-throat industry where competition lurks around every corner of the world, all fighting for your bride’s attention.



Matthew Christopher & Michelle McMurray de Luces

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Matthew Christopher has come a long way from his Midwest home to corner a market in the bridal fashion industry in Manhattan, catering to his brides’ custom and made-to-order gowns overseen directly by the designer himself. Each gown is carefully constructed from the inside out to ensure an immaculate and comfortable fit.

Matthew says, “Growing up on a farm in Iowa, I spent my childhood dreaming of becoming a designer in New York City; when I wasn’t tilling the fields, I was sketching and sewing. I opened my flagship salon on the very same block that I did my internship and I am extremely proud to have created a place where brides receive the personalized attention they deserve in an intimate, fun atmosphere. Celebrating this one year anniversary is a momentous occasion for me and is also meant to show my appreciation to everyone who has supported my dreams along the way.”

And with that, Matthew, we raise our glasses to you. Congratulations on a great first year, with many more to come!

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Courtesy Matthew Christopher

All of my best

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