Book Bags by Chanel

Chanel Handbag

Chanel Handbag

Oh, Chanel, like I need another product of yours to pine over. How you managed to combine my two loves of books and clutches together I’ll never know, but you did it, and now I want it. Chanel released a very limited amount of these Bible Clutches in 2003, making them incredibly difficult to find, let alone purchase. Covered in black suede and accented with bronze metallic leather, this party-perfect clutch comes complete with a gold tassel, mimicking the appearance of a bookmark. Inside you’ll find a front flap and an interior flat pocket, so there’s plenty of room to hold your essentials as well. Hidden magnetic closures keep things locked up tight.

In just a few words, this gorgeous Chanel Bible Clutch is perfect. And it’s not mine. I’ll try to get over it…

Warmly, Julia  Wedding Story Writer

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