Judith Leiber Book Handbag

Courtesy Judith Leiber

Courtesy Judith Leiber

Judith Leiber, world famous bag designer, completely changed the look of the evening bag, taking it from boring afterthought to powerful, eye-catching accessory. In her designs, no detail is too grand, no shape too “ridiculous.” A Judith Leiber bag is really a work of art, and this vintage 1980s book bag is one of my all-time favorites.

There is simply no such thing as a Judith Lieber bag that doesn’t attract attention, and this book bag is no exception. Brightly colored and covered in crystals (as almost all of her minaudieres are), this literary bag comes with a detachable red silk rope so you can sling it across your shoulder when you’re on the move. It’s also a fairly decent size, so it’ll hold all of your essentials for a night out. I moon over this as much as I moon over the Chanel Bible Clutch featured previously. I really need to stop falling in love with hard-to-find designer items…

Luckily, Judith Leiber handbags can be found at fine retailers around the world, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, and Neiman Marcus. We feel very lucky to be able to handle all of their latest designs and speak to their great sales team during Bridal Market. Some of our favorites so far? Easy. The frog prince (of course!), as well as the retro 1920s bags in their many shapes and sizes. Truly, any Judith Leiber bag can be counted as a collectible yet usable piece of art.

Although her rare book bag is one of my favorites, my love list is definitely longer (much, much longer). Stay tuned for future posts featuring other beautiful Judith Leiber bags. Bridal Market is just around the corner (October 2014), and we are looking forward to laying our eyes upon the new season of whimsical designs.

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