Cartier Pearl Necklace

Courtesy Cartier

Courtesy Cartier

Pearls are the epitome of femininity and sophistication, having been a staple in women’s jewelry for several decades in the 20th century. Adding a touch of simple elegance to any outfit, pearls seem to be making a comeback in wedding and everyday jewelry. You can imagine our joy when we found this gorgeous multi-strand necklace from Cartier that also happens to have that something blue in it. How could we resist?

Manufactured in the 1970s, this retro necklace is comprised of cultured pearls, and are a stunning contrast to the deep ocean hues of lapis lazuli. The delicate strands are entwined into a rope of white and blue, and held together by gold clasps also spotted with lapis lazuli stones. Very nautical in nature, this Cartier creation is the perfect statement necklace to finish off a summer outfit, or as that something blue for those barefoot weddings at the beach. I can just see it paired with a bridal dress made from soft, flowing materials made for being caught in sea breezes and gliding over soft, wet sand. Bring on the pearls!

Warmly, Julia  Wedding Story Writer

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