My golden locket

Of the many beautiful things I own, my favorite heirloom piece is the golden locket my grandmother gave to me a several years ago.  As a child, I remember pawing through her jewelry cases and always pausing to hold and admire this particular piece because it would open with the press of a button. I thought it interesting that on one side it was a watch, and on the other it held a mini portrait of my grandfather, dressed in his Army uniform. The watch no longer worked and the locket was difficult to open for my little hands, but as I held the piece and admired the intricacy of its beautiful etchings, I would imagine my grandparents on their wedding day and how life must have been back in their youth, way back in 1944 when World War II was still raging.

At age 7, my mother spoiled me by purchasing my first wedding magazine after I asked for one countless times. They were pricey back then, and times were tough, so this purchase was very meaningful to me, even at such a young age. The magazine was a Modern Bride, and it successfully seduced me as I paged through it, imagining my own wedding one day, and which dress I would choose. I became obsessed with weddings, creating beautiful illustrations of gowns with hopes to be a future gown designer. My father made an attempt to interest me in cars, but inevitably my love for weddings prevailed. Wedding Story Writer was officially born in 2011, and this blog soon followed suit.

Through my blog, A Golden Locket, I want to share with you the bold and the beautiful, the rare or unusual, and the awe-inspiring and thought-provoking pieces of the past and the present, as well as showcase real weddings, loves stories, and styled photo shoots our WSW team loves. Whether it be wedding-related, a fashion statement, or anything else under the sun, I hope you find inspiration.


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