Victorian Locket Pendant


Lockets are obviously something I am interested in, and this one stopped me in my tracks. This Victorian locket pendant is perfect for brides wearing v-neck wedding dresses. It fulfills your “something blue” requirement if you follow those rules, and is 14k gold with all natural Turquoise and pearls, as well as an old mine-cut diamond. You could pair this pendant necklace with stud pearl, gold, or turquoise earrings, or a combination of the three. It is certainly a statement piece, so an understated gown would work best with this necklace.

The center dangle section also contains a locket complete with original glass frame. Yes! It still has the original glass! Slip a portrait of your groom in the locket, or a photo of your parents on their wedding day and it immediately becomes an heirloom, ready to pass down to your own children and grandchildren of the future.

All of my best

 … [read more]

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Crown Cufflinks


Courtesy Deakin Francis

When it comes to weddings, companies and blogs often focus solely on the bride and her bridal party. At Wedding Story Writer, we like to shift the focus onto the grooms out there as often as we can. If you’re struggling with an idea for your leading man, a nice pair of cufflinks is always a good bet, as is a beautiful Legacy Book. Cufflinks are also a good way for the groom to be able to express his personality beyond the constraints of a tux, so don’t be afraid to have some fun when selecting a pair. Personally, we think cufflinks tend to be a better gift idea than ties and handkerchiefs. More often than not, these two items end up having to match the color scheme of the wedding, so there’s less room for personalization.

A good example is a set of crown … [read more]

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Italian Renaissance Sapphire Necklace

Antique Necklace

“The necklace: an 18kt gold central cameo plaque on which is carved the beautiful form of a woman. Her cape is gracefully flowing as she walks, as is her lengthy hair. She is pensive. She is courtly and aristocratic. On the reverse the words in Italian “today and always”. Golden curved shells and flowers surround her boundaries as do sapphire gems and pearls. Garlands form double strands around the central medallion. Sapphires are linked in long suspension from these strands. To fasten this around the neck, a mesh neckband, flexible and light.

This appears to be a unique jewel made for a person of high position. Was it given to a woman by her lover, as a wedding gift, a promise? It is exception, and heart throbbing.

Lore: Sapphire, one of the most precious world gems, is considered the gem of gems. It was always connected to royalty. In medieval [read more]

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Cartier Pearl Necklace

Courtesy Cartier

Courtesy Cartier

Pearls are the epitome of femininity and sophistication, having been a staple in women’s jewelry for several decades in the 20th century. Adding a touch of simple elegance to any outfit, pearls seem to be making a comeback in wedding and everyday jewelry. You can imagine our joy when we found this gorgeous multi-strand necklace from Cartier that also happens to have that something blue in it. How could we resist?

Manufactured in the 1970s, this retro necklace is comprised of cultured pearls, and are a stunning contrast to the deep ocean hues of lapis lazuli. The delicate strands are entwined into a rope of white and blue, and held together by gold clasps also spotted with lapis lazuli stones. Very nautical in nature, this Cartier creation is the perfect statement necklace to finish off a summer outfit, or as that something blue for those barefoot weddings … [read more]

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Pearl Diadem



I have a soft spot for diadems. They may not be as striking as larger crowns, but something about their small size makes them appear just so delicate and proper.

This particular diadem only measures 7cm tall, 19cm long, and 18.5 cm wide. In other words, it’s pretty tiny. Despite its small size, doesn’t diminish how elegant and stunning it is.

Created in 1853, this pearl diadem contains 998 brilliants (in this case, diamonds cut to appear more brilliant) and 212 pearls. Oh yes, you heard that right. Hundreds of pearls and diamonds make up this splendid little diadem, which was one of the crown jewels sold at auction in the late 1800s in France. In 1992, the group known as the Friends of the Louvre donated the diadem to the museum to be preserved.

I’m always amazed when I see pieces of the French Crown Jewels that have … [read more]

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Monique Péan Rings

From Monique Péan's newest collection, Minéreaux

Image Courtesy of Barney’s and Monique Péan

New trend alert: Sustainable fashion has found its way in to wedding jewelry, and I must say, I like what I’m seeing.

Jewelry designer Monique Péan, known for her eco-friendly designs and use of unique materials, has created a new line of engagement rings titled the MINÉRAUX collection. Inspired by her own search for the perfect engagement ring, the collection embodies the idea that every woman deserves a finely crafted, one of a kind ring that matches her personal style perfectly.

Each ring is hand crafted in New York City and made from recycled platinum or 18k recycled gold. The diamonds used are antique or conflict-free, and come in a range of beautiful shades from grey and champagne to pure white. Featuring very modern cuts and designs, the collection still exudes a sense of timelessness and romance. Péan’s dedication to … [read more]

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Flashback Friday: The Wedding Gift Table

wedding gift tableAt a recent ISES meeting, a colleague and I were discussing old small-town customs of long ago, one being the gift table at the wedding reception. Over the course of years, we noted that there have been many changes to American wedding customs and traditions. (Many of those changes have been recent, as I call the “Wedding Revolution,” which began in the early 2000s. Another story altogether).

Up until 1970, many small-town brides were still opening gifts at their reception, standing in front of their gift table so that their guests could see their reaction and gratitude upon receiving the gift. The gifts were then carefully displayed by a trusted friend, each gift placed to show its beauty. Guests would casually go to the gift table to examine each gift, noting how wonderful each item was. Note that these weddings were generally small, hometown types. Displaying one’s gifts in those … [read more]

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Wedding Story Writer Digital Book

Many vendors and brides all over the world have asked to see our beautiful Wedding Story Writer Legacy Book sample, so we found a solution that will make everyone happy: a digital version! Within the digital version you will find an excerpt of a wedding story, a very special layout, and our beautiful illustrations, this one by famed illustrator and jewelry designer, Astrid Mueller.

Our wedding stories are unique–we interview our clients from the very beginning, cataloging important dates and experiences as the wedding day approaches, and then attending the wedding to complete the wedding story itself. You will have your entire engagement documented, all the way up (and even beyond) your honeymoon–although we’ve never been asked to actually attend the honeymoon. (smile)

We are much more than wedding reporters or writers. We become your confidant, keeping all of your private information private … [read more]

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PARIS by Debra Moreland

Courtesy of Jaqueline Martini

A Headpiece: Courtesy of Jaqueline Martini


debra setWe did a feature on Debra Moreland’s cake jewelry a few weeks back after we got back from Bridal Week in New York City, and now it’s time to focus in on her spectacular bridal jewelry. As you can see, she brought quite a bit with her to the New York Bridal Market (Pier 92), and we certainly weren’t complaining.

PARIS is an exquisite collection of wearable pieces that are the perfect finishing touch to any bride’s outfit, and it’s quite extensive. Moreland is a master of it all, from elegant hair jewelry (because there’s no other way to describe these pieces as other than jewelry for your hair), to accessories such as necklaces, brooches, and bracelets.

debra 1

When we got up close, it was apparent that all of her classic (yet modern) pieces were made with extreme care, each eye-catching detail carefully thought … [read more]

Something Barely Blue


Finding your Something Blue can be difficult, especially because there are quite a few shades of blue that are just too…blue for a wedding. Your Something Blue doesn’t have to scream “Look at me, I’m so BLUE”. We’d love to share our appreciation of the delicate hues of a couple of items that are beautifully Barely Blue. These stunningly ethereal Blue Moonstone Drop Earrings have just the perfect hint of blue without being overwhelming (and you know how I feel about moonstones anyway). Set with 18k gold, these earrings feature two perfect oval moonstones suspended from round-cut diamonds for that little extra bit of sparkle. These ivory and barely blue earrings would be absolutely perfect for the bride to wear on her wedding day.

We’ve also got something for the grooms to match, because we’re firm believer that they need to get in to these traditions too! This vintage 1915 … [read more]

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