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Walking hand-in-hand  late one afternoon on a beach in the North Shore area of Oahu, we enjoyed the sand between our toes while venturing toward ancient lava rocks, jagged in some places regardless of the lapping sea. Being the parents of two incredible children together, and also two children separately, we rarely get time alone. There we were, in paradise enjoying life, and celebrating our 14 year anniversary a few months early. I’m in New York City for Bridal Market every year on our anniversary and my sweet husband is with our younger children…at home, doing homework while I paw through gorgeous wedding dresses, attending parties, and generally having a lot of fun.

I couldn’t think of a better way to document this year together than by having professional photos taken by my friend and fine art photographer, Whitney Huynh of Tulle and Grace, while in Hawaii.

She … [read more]

A La Robe, Eco Fashion-Forward Bridal Gown Designs Made to Repurpose

Courtesy A La Robe

Courtesy A La Robe

Out of the hundreds of gowns I saw, touched, photographed, and played with during April’s Bridal Market in New York City, A La Robe’s genius Ready To Wear line was the most memorable. The Auckland, New Zealand based brand, headed by designer Elizabeth Soljak, was an Editors Pick by The Knot at their bridal event Couture…and for good reason.

Courtesy A La Robe

Courtesy A La Robe

A La Robe dresses are unlike any other because of layering. Not one dress is made to wear by itself. Soljak creates lightweight stunning slips, skirts, and overdresses, that when worn together gives you the perfect amount of couture boho bride…and without breaking the bank. Her prices are reasonable considering you will be purchasing your wedding gown as well as an ensemble that will be worn into the future, plus the attention to detail, and fabric choices she uses are flattering … [read more]
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The Princess Bride by Kenneth Heilbron

Copyright Kenneth Heilbron

Copyright Kenneth Heilbron

There’s just something about this vintage fashion photo that makes me breath ‘Ooh la la’. Aptly titled “Princess Bride,” it was shot and signed by Kenneth Heilbron, a well-known photographer who did fashion shots such as this one for countless newspapers, magazines, department stores, models, and designers. His clients included large editorial names such as Time, Life, Fortune, and Chicago Sun-Times, just to name a few.

Heilborn was born in Chicago in 1903, and was apprenticed by his family to a milliner in 1920s Paris. Talk about being in the perfect decade for artisans in the perfect city. After he finished his apprenticeship in Paris, he returned to Chicago in 1932 and taught at the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as authored a textbook that is still used by fashion students to this day. He continued to shoot in and be inspired by Paris, which I … [read more]

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Flashback Friday: The Kiss

From the Wedding Story Writer collection

From the Wedding Story Writer collection

Sealing the deal ends with a kiss. There is no other time when kisses are as accepted or expected as on the wedding day. Guests clap after the first kiss at the end of the ceremony. Companies manufacture bells for receptions to be rung so that the couple kiss. We tap on our wine glasses. Let’s be honest here: on your wedding day, your friends and family want to see you kiss. They expect to see you kiss.

The next time they see you, not so much.  Take advantage of that one day when kissing in public is truly A-OK.

From the Wedding Story Writer Collection

From the Wedding Story Writer Collection

[read more]

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Wedding Story Writer Digital Book

Many vendors and brides all over the world have asked to see our beautiful Wedding Story Writer Legacy Book sample, so we found a solution that will make everyone happy: a digital version! Within the digital version you will find an excerpt of a wedding story, a very special layout, and our beautiful illustrations, this one by famed illustrator and jewelry designer, Astrid Mueller.

Our wedding stories are unique–we interview our clients from the very beginning, cataloging important dates and experiences as the wedding day approaches, and then attending the wedding to complete the wedding story itself. You will have your entire engagement documented, all the way up (and even beyond) your honeymoon–although we’ve never been asked to actually attend the honeymoon. (smile)

We are much more than wedding reporters or writers. We become your confidant, keeping all of your private information private … [read more]

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Something Barely Blue


Finding your Something Blue can be difficult, especially because there are quite a few shades of blue that are just too…blue for a wedding. Your Something Blue doesn’t have to scream “Look at me, I’m so BLUE”. We’d love to share our appreciation of the delicate hues of a couple of items that are beautifully Barely Blue. These stunningly ethereal Blue Moonstone Drop Earrings have just the perfect hint of blue without being overwhelming (and you know how I feel about moonstones anyway). Set with 18k gold, these earrings feature two perfect oval moonstones suspended from round-cut diamonds for that little extra bit of sparkle. These ivory and barely blue earrings would be absolutely perfect for the bride to wear on her wedding day.

We’ve also got something for the grooms to match, because we’re firm believer that they need to get in to these traditions too! This vintage 1915 … [read more]

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A 1971 Swiss Dot Military Wedding

From the Wedding Story Writer Collection

From the Wedding Story Writer Collection

Most of the time when I find a wedding photo from the 1970s I cringe. As I’ve explained before, I’m not a fan of polyester fabric, and unfortunately that leaves a high portion of 70s weddings out of my favorite list. This wedding is a bit different. First of all, it occurred at the beginning of the 70s, April 24, 1971 to be exact. The bride and groom, Billie Jean and Chris, chose a powder blue for bridesmaids and a dusky blue tuxedos for the groomsmen. I’ll overlook the tuxedos for a moment and concentrate on the actual gowns.

The bride is covered head to toe in what might possibly be silk organza. She has long bell-ended sleeves, a high collar neckline, and probably gloves based on what her attendants wore. Perhaps she was traditional in every sense, or maybe the church had modesty … [read more]

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Blue Monday: Art Deco Sautoir Locket

Courtesy 1st Dibs & Glorious Antique Jewelry

Courtesy 1st Dibs & Glorious Antique Jewelry

This Art Deco period sautoir diamond locket captured my attention immediately, not only because cobalt blue is a favorite color, but because I’m fascinated with round lockets and pendants. (You will often see me wearing a round shape pendant more than any other type.) Note the Art Nouveau butterfly pattern and diamond studded vines above the blue link. The sautoir (pronounced so-twore) style necklace became popular in the Edwardian era, as Queen Alexandra often wore them. Traditionally the sautoir style appears to be more like a jump rope (the translation) with tassels on the ends.


Gleaming with translucent blue and platinum, this blue enamel locket contains two photos of handsome men within, which can be switched out for photos of your own handsome man. It’s a bit long, as sautoir necklaces are as a norm, coming to mid-breast at 21 inches, nevertheless, I … [read more]

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Flashback Fridays: The Civil War era bride

Portrait painted by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, 1847, as an anniversary present for Prince Albert

Queen Victoria by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Although not the first royal bride to marry in white, Queen Victoria was responsible for beginning the white wedding dress trend, now tradition, when she married Prince Albert in 1840. Because photography didn’t exist in 1840, or possibly existed but not fully-developed, Queen Victoria commissioned artist Franz Xaver Winterhalter to paint her wedding portrait in 1847, as a gift to her husband. Note the details the artist captured of the Honiton lace in her gown.


Above you see a tintype photo of a bride from the 1860s, my guess would be 1862/65 due to the skirt. Orange flower blossoms, a symbol of fertility, also trimmed the ruffle flounced dress and became part of her veil. This photograph is quite the collector’s item. Although we cannot see as much detail in the photo as we can in the painting of Queen Victoria, this … [read more]

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Moonstones & Diamonds

moonstone braceletThere’s just something about the combination of moonstones and diamonds in this bracelet that makes the day a little brighter. Everything sort of just fades away next to the sparkle of the diamonds and the soft blue glow of the moonstones. And when they hit the light just right? Wow.

Set in 18k white gold, this mesmerizing bracelet bends with you, which I always find to be important. There’s nothing like wearing something that feels clunky and weird when you’re trying to simply do things in life like type, write- you know, functionality.

This beautiful bracelet was created by Joyce Groussman Estate & Fine Jewelry out of Scottsdale, AZ, a contemporary piece with no price listed. Interested? Contact them before we do. It’s perfect for your wedding day!

Warmly, Julia  Wedding Story Writer[read more]

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