Victorian Locket Pendant


Lockets are obviously something I am interested in, and this one stopped me in my tracks. This Victorian locket pendant is perfect for brides wearing v-neck wedding dresses. It fulfills your “something blue” requirement if you follow those rules, and is 14k gold with all natural Turquoise and pearls, as well as an old mine-cut diamond. You could pair this pendant necklace with stud pearl, gold, or turquoise earrings, or a combination of the three. It is certainly a statement piece, so an understated gown would work best with this necklace.

The center dangle section also contains a locket complete with original glass frame. Yes! It still has the original glass! Slip a portrait of your groom in the locket, or a photo of your parents on their wedding day and it immediately becomes an heirloom, ready to pass down to your own children and grandchildren of the future.

All of my best

 … [read more]

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Italian Renaissance Sapphire Necklace

Antique Necklace

“The necklace: an 18kt gold central cameo plaque on which is carved the beautiful form of a woman. Her cape is gracefully flowing as she walks, as is her lengthy hair. She is pensive. She is courtly and aristocratic. On the reverse the words in Italian “today and always”. Golden curved shells and flowers surround her boundaries as do sapphire gems and pearls. Garlands form double strands around the central medallion. Sapphires are linked in long suspension from these strands. To fasten this around the neck, a mesh neckband, flexible and light.

This appears to be a unique jewel made for a person of high position. Was it given to a woman by her lover, as a wedding gift, a promise? It is exception, and heart throbbing.

Lore: Sapphire, one of the most precious world gems, is considered the gem of gems. It was always connected to royalty. In medieval [read more]

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Pearl Diadem



I have a soft spot for diadems. They may not be as striking as larger crowns, but something about their small size makes them appear just so delicate and proper.

This particular diadem only measures 7cm tall, 19cm long, and 18.5 cm wide. In other words, it’s pretty tiny. Despite its small size, doesn’t diminish how elegant and stunning it is.

Created in 1853, this pearl diadem contains 998 brilliants (in this case, diamonds cut to appear more brilliant) and 212 pearls. Oh yes, you heard that right. Hundreds of pearls and diamonds make up this splendid little diadem, which was one of the crown jewels sold at auction in the late 1800s in France. In 1992, the group known as the Friends of the Louvre donated the diadem to the museum to be preserved.

I’m always amazed when I see pieces of the French Crown Jewels that have … [read more]

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May’s Birthstone: The Emerald

vancleef braceletWe’re already over half way through May (can you believe it?!), so we wanted to share one more stunning emerald find before the month ends and we’re thrown into June.

Pictured above, the Indian Manchette Bracelets were created for Daisy Fellows, a socialite and grandchild of the inventor of the sewing machine. Fellows, well-known for her exquisite style, was featured in countless fashion magazines, and later became editor of Harper’s Bazaar in 1933.

Fellows was a great collector of jewelry, and owned many pieces from the French jewelers Van Cleef and Arpels. The Manchette Bracelets feature exquisite emerald beads hung from stunning diamond fringe. She had simply asked the jewelers for matching cuffs, but Van Cleef and Arpels went above and beyond, making it so the cuffs could be unclasped and connected into a choker.

I’m of the belief that jewelry should be multi-purpose, being able to transform with your … [read more]

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A Something Blue Sapphire Locket

Beautifully Engraved Sapphire Diamond Locket

There’s nothing quite like receiving a locket from someone, whether it be from a family member or a loving partner.  Lockets are very personal tokens. They hold pictures of those we hold most dear and rest close to our hearts, making them a truly wonderful gift to give to someone you care about.

This particular locket was created around the 1900s. Engraved with a beautiful flower and spirals, this gold locket is set with Montana sapphires and diamonds, creating a classic yet stylish look. Lockets can be great for everyday wear, whether it’s to the office or out to lunch. A locket with this kind of design and sparkle would also look great if paired with a black dress for a night out.

Have a locket you hold close to your heart? Please share it with us! We want to do a feature on all of the lovely lockets out … [read more]

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Sapphire Rings of Long Ago, Josephine Style

Courtesy 1stDibs

Courtesy 1stDibs

All kinds of flashbacks are happening this Friday, so you’re in for quite a ride through history today. Remember the feature on the engagement ring Napoleon gave Josephine from a few months ago? You know, that diamond  and sapphire stunner? (Click here to refresh your memory. Nobody said we couldn’t Flashback Friday ourselves!) Well, we’ve found a few lovely pieces that were obviously created with the same “toi et moi” style in mind as the original 18th century piece.

This platinum crossover ring (left), featuring a classic pear-shaped sapphire and diamond, is a truly modern and elegant take on the toi et moi style. With the main stones surrounded by smaller baguette cut diamonds, we’d envy anyone with this beauty snaked around their finger.

Now, let’s flashback to 1930 with this classic Ceylon Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring (right). With a sapphire and diamond snuggled close together in … [read more]

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Marie Louise’s Turquoise Crown

Empress Joséphine's Crown

Empress Marie Louise’s Crown

The French crown jewels have seen a lot in their days. They have been through countless revolutions and were eventually broken up and sold off in auctions in 1885 after the Third Republic was formed. Today we’re featuring a crown from the collection that is stunning and has had quite a history. Napoleon I was known to lavish expensive gifts on both of his wives. Things may not have ended well for his first marriage or his attempt at being  supreme ruler of France, but I have to hand it to the man- he had good taste when it came to gift-giving.

This particular crown was a gift to his second wife, Marie Louise, whom he married to produce an heir that his first wife Josephine could not provide to solidify the line of succession. After Napoleon was exiled and Marie Louise left France for Austria, … [read more]

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Pauline Forde Heirloom Bouquets

Courtesy Pauline Forde

Courtesy Pauline Forde

Are you looking for a special way to incorporate a piece of family jewelry into your wedding? Are you looking for a unique bouquet? Why don’t you try a brooch bouquet from Pauline Ford Heirloom Bouquets? Based in Naas, Ireland, each bouquet is specifically handcrafted to fit your needs, and if you desire, to incorporate any family heirloom pieces. Crafted with vintage jewelry and handmade satin flowers, these gems will serve as an amazing touch to your wedding ceremony. As well as bridal bouquets, Pauline Ford creates pieces for bridesmaids and flower girls, as well as grooms’ corsages and buttonholes.

We love the idea of having an everlasting bouquet to display alongside your Wedding Story Writer Legacy Book. Don’t you?… [read more]

Jane Austin’s Ring


Jane Austen was my literary hero as a young girl, and has been for many others around the world. I remember the day I was given a copy of Pride and Prejudice in high school. It was one of the first times I was given a book off of the Required Reading List that didn’t feel like a chore to get through. Austen will forever be an author that made me love reading.

The gold and turquoise ring pictured above is one of the only remaining pieces of jewelry Austen owned that is still in existence. Simple but beautiful in its own way, the ring safely resides and is on display at Jane Austen’s House Museum in England, but its journey there is just as interesting as a plotline from one of  the author’s own novels.

In 2012, the ring was put up for auction by Sotheby’s, which up until … [read more]

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Art Nouveau Gift For The Bride

Courtesy of Tadema Gallery, UK

Courtesy of Tadema Gallery, UK

art nouveau timepiece2

If you are searching for a beautiful timeless piece for your bride, search no further. I found the most beautiful, meaningful watch pendant from Tadema Gallery in the UK. This delicate timepiece is to be worn around the neck and would be absolutely lovely with a lower square-neck wedding gown. **This means you will need to collaborate with the bride’s mother closely to be sure it will work with the wedding dress.

Details: Circa 1900, Swiss, inspirations: Nicolas Poussin – ‘A Dance to the Music of Time’ & ‘Dance of the Hours’ by Flaxman, the great Georgian sculptor who designed the Wedgwood friezes. About .60 ct total diamonds and 18k gold.

Contact the jeweler above immediately, as this piece won’t be around for very long.  You may thank me later.

All of my best[read more]

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