Cosabella Glow-in-the-Dark Undies Perfect Gift for Bridal Shower

Courtesy Cosabella

Courtesy Cosabella

It’s time we bring a little bit of fun to you as you claw your way through this Thursday in search of the weekend.

If you’re a Maid of Honor or groom and you’re struggling to find a gift for the bride, we have the perfect solution: glow in the dark undies! Yes, they do exist thanks to Cosabella. And yes, it’s kind of hilarious (we laughed the first time too), but yet there’s just something about the set that makes them perfect for the bride on her honeymoon.

Nothing says fun like a glowing bra and panty set in a feminine floral lace pattern. The instructions state to charge your undies under a light for 10-12 minutes, or out in the sun for 3-4 minutes. The glowing effect will last for 5-10 minutes, just enough time to get the party started.  Made in Italy from high … [read more]

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Amanda Judge NY Bridal Belts

We’ve got bridal accessories on the brain, which can be as equally as exciting and important as the wedding dress itself. We were going through pictures of belts we have used in past photo shoots, and after looking at all of the strands of crystal and lace, we thought it appropriate to share our find of some stunning wedding sashes by Amanda Judge.

Her handmade creations have been featured in countless wedding magazines, and she has a plethora of other wedding accessories you might enjoy. Her sashes are the perfect finishing touch to many elegant wedding dresses.


Courtesy Amanda Judge

While we try to pull ourselves away and get back to work, take a look through her collection and let us know which belts are your favorites.

Warmly, Julia  Wedding Story Writer[read more]

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Bob Mackie, The Sultan of Sequins

Courtesy Bob Mackie

Courtesy Bob Mackie

One of my favorite illustrators and designers, Edith Head, discovered fabulous Bob Mackie in 1961 while working at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. Mackie was known for his fancy burlesque show fashion designs and soon came to be known as the “Sultan of Sequins.” I love how he branded his designs to be known for outrageous and sometimes garish costuming, including the black sequined number Cher wore to the Academy Awards back in 1986. With his outrageous and sparkly designs, Mackie has left his mark on the fashion world for all time. How I would love to have a costume made by him for a masquerade ball!

Anyone who has visited Las Vegas understands the importance of glitz and glam at a show, but now apply that to your own life, your own events. Why not splash yourself with sequins and glitter and be seen for the … [read more]

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Edith Head’s Classic Illustrations


Growing up before the age of digital media, I feel lucky to have witnessed many forms of classic illustrative artwork in the magazines and books I read over the years. Edith Head’s work always fascinated me, as it continues to do. I can’t help but sit looking upon these pieces, wishing I had the key to unlock the storage unit where these gowns are being stored, likely somewhere in Hollywood.

Dress up time anyone? Tea party? Yes, I suppose I’m still a little girl at heart, still longing to wear these ultra-feminine gowns of the past. Instead I’ll share them with you here. Perhaps you can take something from them, incorporating the idea into your own wedding or gala.

Here are a few of my favorite Edith Head pieces. Enjoy!

Edith Head illustrations

Edith Head illustrations-Olivia Bette

All of my best[read more]

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