Judith Leiber Book Handbag

Courtesy Judith Leiber

Courtesy Judith Leiber

Judith Leiber, world famous bag designer, completely changed the look of the evening bag, taking it from boring afterthought to powerful, eye-catching accessory. In her designs, no detail is too grand, no shape too “ridiculous.” A Judith Leiber bag is really a work of art, and this vintage 1980s book bag is one of my all-time favorites.

There is simply no such thing as a Judith Lieber bag that doesn’t attract attention, and this book bag is no exception. Brightly colored and covered in crystals (as almost all of her minaudieres are), this literary bag comes with a detachable red silk rope so you can sling it across your shoulder when you’re on the move. It’s also a fairly decent size, so it’ll hold all of your essentials for a night out. I moon over this as much as I moon over the Chanel Bible Clutch[read more]

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Book Bags by Chanel

Chanel Handbag

Chanel Handbag

Oh, Chanel, like I need another product of yours to pine over. How you managed to combine my two loves of books and clutches together I’ll never know, but you did it, and now I want it. Chanel released a very limited amount of these Bible Clutches in 2003, making them incredibly difficult to find, let alone purchase. Covered in black suede and accented with bronze metallic leather, this party-perfect clutch comes complete with a gold tassel, mimicking the appearance of a bookmark. Inside you’ll find a front flap and an interior flat pocket, so there’s plenty of room to hold your essentials as well. Hidden magnetic closures keep things locked up tight.

In just a few words, this gorgeous Chanel Bible Clutch is perfect. And it’s not mine. I’ll try to get over it…

Warmly, Julia  Wedding Story Writer[read more]

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The Oldest Wedding Story Book

Rare Book-First Edition-Le Fete Marriage Le Dauphin3

Today’s feature is a perfect example of how to “not judge a book by its cover.” On the outside it appears to be just another old, worn out book, but the inside shows that the art of preserving one’s wedding story has been in practice for over 250 years. We love it!

Rare Book-First Edition-Le Fete Marriage Le Dauphin (1)

This original, first edition set of two books bound together in one volume commemorates and preserves the tale of Louise’s, the Dauphin of France and son of King Louise XV, two marriages. His first was to Maria Teresa of Spain in 1745, which ended after she died three days after giving birth to their daughter in 1746. Widowed at 16, Louise then went on to marry Maria Josepha of Saxony in 1747, with whom he had seven children, one of which went on to become King Louise XVI.

Rare Book-First Edition-Le Fete Marriage Le Dauphin5

The book includes 22 pages of text, and over … [read more]

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Napoleon Exile Books

Napoleon Bonaparte - Napoleon in Exile

Napoleon Bonaparte – Napoleon in Exile

History, whether it be a nation’s or our own family’s, can teach us a great deal of things. Yet, we can only learn from it if we manage to capture it through storytellers, if we’re lucky enough that someone was able to write it down, in books.

Today’s find is due to such luck. Above are a pair of rare books written by Barry O’Meara, titled Napoleon in Exile, or also known by the much longer title: A Voice from St. Helena; The Opinions and Reflections of Napoleon on the Most Important Events of His Life and Government, in His Own Words.

O’Meara was the overthrown Emperor’s personal surgeon, and wrote down in a diary-like fashion the last years of Napoleon’s life during his exile on the island of St. Helena. Manufactured in London in 1822, this pair is a copy of … [read more]

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Book Clutches: New & Vintage

2003 Chanel Clutch

2003 Chanel Clutch

Although Paloma Picasso seemed to have started the book clutch trend back in the 1980s, there are many more designers who have used books as inspiration for handbags. Chanel had a line in 2003 starting at 2.5k, now a collector’s item selling for up to 8k. Kate Spade launched a book clutch collection of her own in 2010, followed by Olympia Le-Tan.  I love Kate Spade, so I plan on snagging one of her clutches in April during my next trip to New York. Can you take a guess which one is my favorite?

I would love to see (and touch) an Olympia Le-Tan bag, as it is embroidered, and would like to add to my collection the now-discontinued “Pearls of Wisdom” Lulu Guinness book clutch (see below).

Which bag is your favorite?

Vintage Paloma Picasso

Vintage Paloma Picasso

Kate Spade

Kate Spade


The Emma Clutch by Kate Spade

The Emma Clutch by Kate Spade

Photos courtesy of Lulu Guinness and

Photos courtesy

[read more]

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Paloma Picasso Book Handbags


Paloma Picasso bag Paloma Picasso, the designer of this lovely book bag, is the daughter than none-other Pablo Picasso. I’ve seen several of these handbags online throughout the years, but they are usually sold by the time I find them. Apparently, they are quite the commodity, and why wouldn’t they be? Paloma has been designing jewelry and handbags since the 80s for Tiffany & Co., as well as perfumes and other items, but started out as a costume designer in Paris. Late in the 60s, while experimenting with rhinestones picked up at a flea market, she created a few interesting pieces which received admiration from friends. This recognition prompted Paloma to take her collection to her friend, couturier Yves St. Laurent, who immediately commissioned her.

Paloma’s father died in 1973, leaving her in a state of mourning and uninspired for a time. She was then caught up in a legal battle for … [read more]

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A 19th Century Grooming Kit, Within a Book

Books have played an important role throughout time, as shown by this marvelous antique grooming kit. Circa 19th century and in sterling silver, this book form was found at The McNally Company Antiques in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. The set includes a pencil, scissors, spoon, pocket knife, picks, and bone writing surface. I imagine its owner was an educated man, perhaps a lawyer or physician, maybe a professor. It’s a rare historic piece, one that would look beautiful on your groom’s dresser.

Shagreen and Sterling Silver Book Form Etui2[read more]

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