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Walking hand-in-hand  late one afternoon on a beach in the North Shore area of Oahu, we enjoyed the sand between our toes while venturing toward ancient lava rocks, jagged in some places regardless of the lapping sea. Being the parents of two incredible children together, and also two children separately, we rarely get time alone. There we were, in paradise enjoying life, and celebrating our 14 year anniversary a few months early. I’m in New York City for Bridal Market every year on our anniversary and my sweet husband is with our younger children…at home, doing homework while I paw through gorgeous wedding dresses, attending parties, and generally having a lot of fun.

I couldn’t think of a better way to document this year together than by having professional photos taken by my friend and fine art photographer, Whitney Huynh of Tulle and Grace, while in Hawaii.

She … [read more]

Pauline Forde Heirloom Bouquets

Courtesy Pauline Forde

Courtesy Pauline Forde

Are you looking for a special way to incorporate a piece of family jewelry into your wedding? Are you looking for a unique bouquet? Why don’t you try a brooch bouquet from Pauline Ford Heirloom Bouquets? Based in Naas, Ireland, each bouquet is specifically handcrafted to fit your needs, and if you desire, to incorporate any family heirloom pieces. Crafted with vintage jewelry and handmade satin flowers, these gems will serve as an amazing touch to your wedding ceremony. As well as bridal bouquets, Pauline Ford creates pieces for bridesmaids and flower girls, as well as grooms’ corsages and buttonholes.

We love the idea of having an everlasting bouquet to display alongside your Wedding Story Writer Legacy Book. Don’t you?… [read more]

Bulgari Resorts & Hotels

Photo courtesy of Bulgari Bali

Photo courtesy of Bulgari Bali

Synonymous with the luxurious jewelry and accessory line, the Bulgari hotels are the epitome of high class, offering the best in accommodations. Each of the hotels offers a variety of rooms and suites to choose from– dependent on your needs. Included with your stay, you will find some of the best spas and fitness centers, bars and restaurants, and quality 24-hour service–which make each hotel a haven for a romantic honeymoon or wedding getaway. Worthy of mention is the Bali Resort which hosts weddings on the cusp of the Indian Ocean for a truly unique experience, and you have your choice of either a water wedding or a pavilion wedding.

The Bulgari hotels can also help you arrange excursions during your stay to the most exclusive attractions in each locale via yacht, private plane, or limousine. Whatever your romantic desires may be, the Bulgari Hotels … [read more]

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Jennifer & John, at sea

John & Jennifer

The Grand Princess cut through the blue like a knife. Below, the cool turquoise of the sea, etched with lines of white foam and waves as the water hurried out of the ship’s way. Defiant waves push back at the bully of the boat, as if to remind the Princess that she was no “princess” out there. Above it, the crystal azure of a cloudless Caribbean sky turning paler as it reached the blaze of the white-hot sun above. A light breeze floats by, barely strong enough to counteract the heat.

The serenity of the outside is by no means matched on the inside. Busy bees carrying armfuls of lush blooms buzz around the Hearts and Minds chapel, moving in a perfumed haze. The chapel is flooded with the sunshine from outside, which glows off the reflective walls. John steps swiftly to the right as an army of tropical flowers … [read more]

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