Flashback Friday: Wartime 1940 Weddings

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In the early 1940s, many brides had very little time or money to plan a wedding. Many couples were concerned only with the legality of marriage, and the bond it produces, not with the traditions involved with planning a wedding. There were uncertainties of time–many soldiers had only 2 days to tie the knot and head back out to sea, or hop the next plane. In my vintage wedding photo collection, I have many of these old photos of brides wearing their best dresses for their special day. They are very meaningful to me, although they lack the white ruffles, lace, veils, and flower bouquets. I see a couple in love, with very little time, making the best use of it–marrying the one they love.

All of my best[read more]

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Incorporating Family Heirlooms into Your Wedding

Vintage handkerchiefs for your wedding day

Over the years I have been asked many times how to incorporate family heirlooms into a wedding day, and most often the person who asked for my advice didn’t consider ideas on a smaller scale. When thinking “family heirloom,” most of us think of jewelry, furniture, and larger or more valuable items. Taking a small item and incorporating the idea of that item can be a fun way to celebrate loved ones passed on, as well as those who simply could not attend your wedding.

I carried my grandmother’s white lace handkerchief when I was married, in honor of her since she could not physically attend my wedding. I wrapped the handkerchief around the stems of my flowers and secured it with a pearl post. Take the idea a few steps further…utilize a basket full of vintage handkerchiefs, to be given out at your wedding to collect tears of joy, … [read more]

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Cody & Thomas

Cody & ThomasA beautiful scorching hot day, without a trace of a cloud or a momentary relief from the sun, Cody and his mate, Thomas, joined together on a June afternoon to exchange handwritten, heartfelt wedding vows, conquering the heat and officially becoming one.

Cody and Thomas wanted nothing more than the idyllic and quaint location of their home to be the locale for the commencement of their beautiful marriage, a stunning yard where Cody and Thomas devoted much of their time, in which they created, flowered, and decorated a picturesque, exceptional life together.

Upon arrival, wedding guests gathered in an ensemble of semi-formal flair. The wedding attire included summer dresses and short sleeves, as they braved the heat and hoped for a slight breeze to grace their presence. The wedding guests ventured out to the expansive yard awaiting the advent of the handsome couple. Cody and Thomas’ spacious backyard allowed the … [read more]

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Morgan & Mike’s October Wedding

October 8, 2011, a beautiful blue October day without a cloud in the sky. There was an ever-so-slight gentle breeze, and crisp tree leaves that were just beginning to transform into a golden yellow hue.  The suns rays shined bright, creating a friendly temperature warming the grounds for the cooler weather that was originally predicted for the day.  At the entrance of Mike and Morgan’s wedding venue, stood a giant Sally and Jack from the animated movie Nightmare Before Christmas, creating a silent greeting to guests.  A line of wedding guest cars ventured up the dusty, bumpy farm road, arriving at the wedding site one-by-one, some stopping for photo ops with the animated Jack and Sally before they pursued their final destination.  The vehicles of wedding guests were directed to park by two ushers whom were dressed in fancy, classic black and white tuxedos; an attire that was some what … [read more]

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