Antique 1920s Illustrations

1927 Time to flashback to the 1920s this Friday with some beautiful fashion illustrations that had been featured in L’Echo de Paris, a French newspaper that ran from 1884 to 1944. What drew us to these in particular was that they showcase quite wonderfully what women’s everyday fashion and bridal wear looked like during this particular era.

Beautifully detailed, these vintage illustrations pinpoint what made up the quintessential flapper look. Short hair, long strings of pearls, elegant scarves and fans, and draping fabrics and straight silhouettes to create a more boyish figure. This was also a time of rising hemlines, bare arms and legs, and bright colors. A fashion revolution had been sparked. Some people balked, but others embraced this new kind of freedom.

When it comes to the 1920s wedding gown, the illustrations point out that it was trendy to wear two trains instead of one. The dress is fitted, … [read more]

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Cosabella Glow-in-the-Dark Undies Perfect Gift for Bridal Shower

Courtesy Cosabella

Courtesy Cosabella

It’s time we bring a little bit of fun to you as you claw your way through this Thursday in search of the weekend.

If you’re a Maid of Honor or groom and you’re struggling to find a gift for the bride, we have the perfect solution: glow in the dark undies! Yes, they do exist thanks to Cosabella. And yes, it’s kind of hilarious (we laughed the first time too), but yet there’s just something about the set that makes them perfect for the bride on her honeymoon.

Nothing says fun like a glowing bra and panty set in a feminine floral lace pattern. The instructions state to charge your undies under a light for 10-12 minutes, or out in the sun for 3-4 minutes. The glowing effect will last for 5-10 minutes, just enough time to get the party started.  Made in Italy from high … [read more]

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Moonstones & Diamonds

moonstone braceletThere’s just something about the combination of moonstones and diamonds in this bracelet that makes the day a little brighter. Everything sort of just fades away next to the sparkle of the diamonds and the soft blue glow of the moonstones. And when they hit the light just right? Wow.

Set in 18k white gold, this mesmerizing bracelet bends with you, which I always find to be important. There’s nothing like wearing something that feels clunky and weird when you’re trying to simply do things in life like type, write- you know, functionality.

This beautiful bracelet was created by Joyce Groussman Estate & Fine Jewelry out of Scottsdale, AZ, a contemporary piece with no price listed. Interested? Contact them before we do. It’s perfect for your wedding day!

Warmly, Julia  Wedding Story Writer[read more]

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Enameled, Engraved 130 year old Charm Bracelet

Fantasy Charm Bracelet Featuring Period LocketsToday’s featured piece is one of my all-time favorite finds. I’d like to meet the individual who came up with this unique twist on the classic locket by turning several of them into charms.

This 14k gold charm bracelet is adorned with 15 unique and detailed lockets of French, Swiss, Austrian, or American origin, each one crafted between 1880s-1920s.

My favorite feature is the tinkling sound it makes when you move. Sometimes jewelry doesn’t make the most appealing sound (i.e. that obnoxious rattle that echoes in a quiet room, making everyone give you a death glare), but this charm bracelet has a subtle, melodic sound to it caused by the weight of the charms. No death glares for you today!

It’s not hard to appreciate the dedication it must have taken to collect all of these lockets and put them together in a cohesive, stunning piece of jewelry. This is … [read more]

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Cheryl King Couture

Courtesy Jaqueline Martini

Courtesy Jaqueline Martini

Cheryl King Couture and Wedding Story Writer are practically neighbors, both living in the Raleigh, NC area, yet New York Bridal Market always serves as the place for us to catch up and have a glass or two of wine, while browsing through Cheryl’s fabulous latest pieces. Cheryl’s friend, Sherry, joins her in New York every year, helping her set up and meeting with clients and press, but also offering a comfortable place to rest one’s feet during the hustle and bustle of activity during New York’s Bridal Market.

Courtesy Jaqueline Martini

Sherry (left) and Cheryl (right). Photo courtesy Jaqueline Martini

Cheryl King works diligently on every single piece she makes for her brides. Some pieces, such as the necklace below, may take days or even weeks to create, as Cheryl makes sure every connecting pearl or stone is exactly where it should be. Cheryl King Couture covers her brides’ … [read more]

Flashback Friday: That 70’s Wedding

weddingpic754I, for one, am happy the 1970s are long gone. I remember wearing heavily flowered corduroy pants and polyester shirts with v-collars that could literally poke out an eye. Wedding dresses weren’t too different. In style was the polyester dress–one that couldn’t be wrinkled and could basically be thrown in the washing machine the day after the wedding, coming out looking brand new. Veils were heavy, but hats were all the rage, as seen in the photo above. Yes, I lived through this age. I was a flower girl at least twice during this time. I don’t even want to discuss the tuxedos from back then.

Strangely, as a child of the 70s, I also fell in love with weddings. To this day I still ask myself how that happened, being surrounded by nothing but polyester. My saving grace had to have been the family photos of weddings from the … [read more]

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Jimmy Choo Bridal 2014 is Here!

Courtesy Jimmy Choo & Paris Vogue

Courtesy Jimmy Choo & Paris Vogue

Listen up, Jimmy Choo fans! The label released its Spring 2014 collection recently, and dare I say they’ve outdone themselves.

Accessories can often be the hardest to pull together after finding the perfect dress, but Jimmy Choo has always made the process easy with chic, detailed shoes and bags decorated with plenty of lace and sparkle. The new collection features stunning new shoe designs to please any bride, from highly opulent to elegantly simply. And of course, there are great new bags as well. Get one to match your new pair of shoes (because you can’t just buy shoes and NOT get a bag!), and bring it along to your bridal shower or use it to hold the essentials on your wedding day.
Jimmy Choo knows not to leave out the bridesmaids and guests, so there are new designs for them as well to … [read more]

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Behind the Scenes: Jenny Lee Runway Show October 2013

Courtesy Masato Onoda & Jenny Lee

Courtesy Masato Onoda & Jenny Lee

I’m often asked how it feels to attend so many beautiful runway shows. The short answer is “fabulous.” A longer, more detailed answer is as follows: Peeking into the world of any designer is magical, no matter if they design wedding gowns, veils, prom dresses, or jewelry, artwork, or books. I think we all are equally inspired by one another, whether we all want to admit it or not. I admit it. I am inspired by everything during bridal market. I enter the worlds of so many talented people, getting to know them as human beings sometimes, which is inspiration by itself. There are parties where one doesn’t speak of the wedding industry, instead going to actually relax, have a glass of wine, and talk about the weather, favorite restaurants, or normal life experiences. I work hard and play hard. My feet hurt … [read more]

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Book Clutches: New & Vintage

2003 Chanel Clutch

2003 Chanel Clutch

Although Paloma Picasso seemed to have started the book clutch trend back in the 1980s, there are many more designers who have used books as inspiration for handbags. Chanel had a line in 2003 starting at 2.5k, now a collector’s item selling for up to 8k. Kate Spade launched a book clutch collection of her own in 2010, followed by Olympia Le-Tan.  I love Kate Spade, so I plan on snagging one of her clutches in April during my next trip to New York. Can you take a guess which one is my favorite?

I would love to see (and touch) an Olympia Le-Tan bag, as it is embroidered, and would like to add to my collection the now-discontinued “Pearls of Wisdom” Lulu Guinness book clutch (see below).

Which bag is your favorite?

Vintage Paloma Picasso

Vintage Paloma Picasso

Kate Spade

Kate Spade


The Emma Clutch by Kate Spade

The Emma Clutch by Kate Spade

Photos courtesy of Lulu Guinness and

Photos courtesy

[read more]

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Tom Ford Leather Coat. Perfect.

Courtesy of Exquisite Finds

Courtesy of Exquisite Finds

I know- I can hear the rest of the country laughing right now as all of you in the Midwest and on the East Coast try to dig your way out of the snow. I can’t say I blame any of you, but us Angelenos are trapped inside for the next few days as a rain storm blows through. Now that some weather has finally arrived, it’s time for us to rummage through our closets and pull out our rain boots, umbrellas, and coats. You know what I wish I had in my closet right now?

One of these Tom Ford leather coats, that’s what. Here at Wedding Story Writer we’ve been drooling over them as we make plans for Bridal Week in New York City this April.

Made in Italy from quilted leather and adorned with a genuine fur collar, one look and its like … [read more]

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