The Princess Bride by Kenneth Heilbron

Copyright Kenneth Heilbron

Copyright Kenneth Heilbron

There’s just something about this vintage fashion photo that makes me breath ‘Ooh la la’. Aptly titled “Princess Bride,” it was shot and signed by Kenneth Heilbron, a well-known photographer who did fashion shots such as this one for countless newspapers, magazines, department stores, models, and designers. His clients included large editorial names such as Time, Life, Fortune, and Chicago Sun-Times, just to name a few.

Heilborn was born in Chicago in 1903, and was apprenticed by his family to a milliner in 1920s Paris. Talk about being in the perfect decade for artisans in the perfect city. After he finished his apprenticeship in Paris, he returned to Chicago in 1932 and taught at the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as authored a textbook that is still used by fashion students to this day. He continued to shoot in and be inspired by Paris, which I … [read more]

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Flashback Fridays: The Civil War era bride

Portrait painted by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, 1847, as an anniversary present for Prince Albert

Queen Victoria by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Although not the first royal bride to marry in white, Queen Victoria was responsible for beginning the white wedding dress trend, now tradition, when she married Prince Albert in 1840. Because photography didn’t exist in 1840, or possibly existed but not fully-developed, Queen Victoria commissioned artist Franz Xaver Winterhalter to paint her wedding portrait in 1847, as a gift to her husband. Note the details the artist captured of the Honiton lace in her gown.


Above you see a tintype photo of a bride from the 1860s, my guess would be 1862/65 due to the skirt. Orange flower blossoms, a symbol of fertility, also trimmed the ruffle flounced dress and became part of her veil. This photograph is quite the collector’s item. Although we cannot see as much detail in the photo as we can in the painting of Queen Victoria, this … [read more]

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Flashback Friday: That 70’s Wedding

weddingpic754I, for one, am happy the 1970s are long gone. I remember wearing heavily flowered corduroy pants and polyester shirts with v-collars that could literally poke out an eye. Wedding dresses weren’t too different. In style was the polyester dress–one that couldn’t be wrinkled and could basically be thrown in the washing machine the day after the wedding, coming out looking brand new. Veils were heavy, but hats were all the rage, as seen in the photo above. Yes, I lived through this age. I was a flower girl at least twice during this time. I don’t even want to discuss the tuxedos from back then.

Strangely, as a child of the 70s, I also fell in love with weddings. To this day I still ask myself how that happened, being surrounded by nothing but polyester. My saving grace had to have been the family photos of weddings from the … [read more]

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Flashback Friday: Wartime 1940 Weddings

2013-08-06 20.39.24


In the early 1940s, many brides had very little time or money to plan a wedding. Many couples were concerned only with the legality of marriage, and the bond it produces, not with the traditions involved with planning a wedding. There were uncertainties of time–many soldiers had only 2 days to tie the knot and head back out to sea, or hop the next plane. In my vintage wedding photo collection, I have many of these old photos of brides wearing their best dresses for their special day. They are very meaningful to me, although they lack the white ruffles, lace, veils, and flower bouquets. I see a couple in love, with very little time, making the best use of it–marrying the one they love.

All of my best[read more]

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Lost and Found

Edwardian Bride

Her eyes seem lost. It is a new step in her journey. What if this step is the wrong step? The dress gives no indications of what her frame must be like. Even her hair, elegant and simple, cannot be strictly described as straight or curly or wavy. Not many words can describe her chosen look nor even where she looks on this day. However, she knows that she chose this path. Whether the reasons make much sense at this very moment is not important. It was her choice and she finds her identity in that choice.… [read more]

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Flashback Fridays: Lift My Veil

©2014 A Golden Locket

©2014 A Golden Locket

It is a troublesome necessity-the veil. I speak of it as burden, a recognition of her sacrifice and her diligence, all to preserve her light. Managing its length or its material, she cannot have a moment’s rest. There is always a barrier between her world and the world. She guards her world. She protects her world. It is a relationship that has multitude of implications. She cannot simplistically describe it in one of either two directions, to like or to dislike. It is not a choice that she willingly makes… it is something ingrained in her. When he comes to lift her veil, he is not simply entering her world. He is freeing her from the responsibility that she, even if she wanted to, cannot free herself from. In return, she shares the world of light that she kept safe for all this time.

Sara… [read more]

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