Pearl Diadem



I have a soft spot for diadems. They may not be as striking as larger crowns, but something about their small size makes them appear just so delicate and proper.

This particular diadem only measures 7cm tall, 19cm long, and 18.5 cm wide. In other words, it’s pretty tiny. Despite its small size, doesn’t diminish how elegant and stunning it is.

Created in 1853, this pearl diadem contains 998 brilliants (in this case, diamonds cut to appear more brilliant) and 212 pearls. Oh yes, you heard that right. Hundreds of pearls and diamonds make up this splendid little diadem, which was one of the crown jewels sold at auction in the late 1800s in France. In 1992, the group known as the Friends of the Louvre donated the diadem to the museum to be preserved.

I’m always amazed when I see pieces of the French Crown Jewels that have … [read more]

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Edith Head’s Classic Illustrations


Growing up before the age of digital media, I feel lucky to have witnessed many forms of classic illustrative artwork in the magazines and books I read over the years. Edith Head’s work always fascinated me, as it continues to do. I can’t help but sit looking upon these pieces, wishing I had the key to unlock the storage unit where these gowns are being stored, likely somewhere in Hollywood.

Dress up time anyone? Tea party? Yes, I suppose I’m still a little girl at heart, still longing to wear these ultra-feminine gowns of the past. Instead I’ll share them with you here. Perhaps you can take something from them, incorporating the idea into your own wedding or gala.

Here are a few of my favorite Edith Head pieces. Enjoy!

Edith Head illustrations

Edith Head illustrations-Olivia Bette

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Inspiration for the words you can’t find


As writers, we understand the occasional frustration that comes with being unable to get all of those thoughts jumbled up in your head down onto paper in some sort of coherent grouping of words. If you are in the midst of writing down your vows or about to start the process, we understand that such a task can be daunting, especially if you are crunched for time or your inspiration is currently non-existent. We decided to pull some of our favorite movie quotes about love and marriage. Not only is it fun to revisit old favorites, but movies have the potential to get us out of a rut and spark our creativity. Try it!

Don’t make writing your wedding vows more complicated needed. Write down your thoughts without correction to get them out of your head and onto paper. After you have some notes, then reflect upon your words, change … [read more]

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