Monique Péan Rings

From Monique Péan's newest collection, Minéreaux

Image Courtesy of Barney’s and Monique Péan

New trend alert: Sustainable fashion has found its way in to wedding jewelry, and I must say, I like what I’m seeing.

Jewelry designer Monique Péan, known for her eco-friendly designs and use of unique materials, has created a new line of engagement rings titled the MINÉRAUX collection. Inspired by her own search for the perfect engagement ring, the collection embodies the idea that every woman deserves a finely crafted, one of a kind ring that matches her personal style perfectly.

Each ring is hand crafted in New York City and made from recycled platinum or 18k recycled gold. The diamonds used are antique or conflict-free, and come in a range of beautiful shades from grey and champagne to pure white. Featuring very modern cuts and designs, the collection still exudes a sense of timelessness and romance. Péan’s dedication to … [read more]

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PARIS by Debra Moreland

Courtesy of Jaqueline Martini

A Headpiece: Courtesy of Jaqueline Martini


debra setWe did a feature on Debra Moreland’s cake jewelry a few weeks back after we got back from Bridal Week in New York City, and now it’s time to focus in on her spectacular bridal jewelry. As you can see, she brought quite a bit with her to the New York Bridal Market (Pier 92), and we certainly weren’t complaining.

PARIS is an exquisite collection of wearable pieces that are the perfect finishing touch to any bride’s outfit, and it’s quite extensive. Moreland is a master of it all, from elegant hair jewelry (because there’s no other way to describe these pieces as other than jewelry for your hair), to accessories such as necklaces, brooches, and bracelets.

debra 1

When we got up close, it was apparent that all of her classic (yet modern) pieces were made with extreme care, each eye-catching detail carefully thought … [read more]

Moonstones & Diamonds

moonstone braceletThere’s just something about the combination of moonstones and diamonds in this bracelet that makes the day a little brighter. Everything sort of just fades away next to the sparkle of the diamonds and the soft blue glow of the moonstones. And when they hit the light just right? Wow.

Set in 18k white gold, this mesmerizing bracelet bends with you, which I always find to be important. There’s nothing like wearing something that feels clunky and weird when you’re trying to simply do things in life like type, write- you know, functionality.

This beautiful bracelet was created by Joyce Groussman Estate & Fine Jewelry out of Scottsdale, AZ, a contemporary piece with no price listed. Interested? Contact them before we do. It’s perfect for your wedding day!

Warmly, Julia  Wedding Story Writer[read more]

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Cheryl King Couture

Courtesy Jaqueline Martini

Courtesy Jaqueline Martini

Cheryl King Couture and Wedding Story Writer are practically neighbors, both living in the Raleigh, NC area, yet New York Bridal Market always serves as the place for us to catch up and have a glass or two of wine, while browsing through Cheryl’s fabulous latest pieces. Cheryl’s friend, Sherry, joins her in New York every year, helping her set up and meeting with clients and press, but also offering a comfortable place to rest one’s feet during the hustle and bustle of activity during New York’s Bridal Market.

Courtesy Jaqueline Martini

Sherry (left) and Cheryl (right). Photo courtesy Jaqueline Martini

Cheryl King works diligently on every single piece she makes for her brides. Some pieces, such as the necklace below, may take days or even weeks to create, as Cheryl makes sure every connecting pearl or stone is exactly where it should be. Cheryl King Couture covers her brides’ … [read more]

Dual-Use Tiffany & Co. Tiara is also a Bracelet

Courtesy Tiffany & Co.

Courtesy Tiffany & Co.

We rarely have a chance to wear something as fabulous as a Tiffany tiara in real life, but if life presents you with that opportunity, we say TAKE IT! This breathtaking beauty has 15.60 total weight in diamonds; 11.44 ct pear-shaped white diamonds and 8.43 ct cushion-cut yellow diamonds. Now imagine it with a bridal veil attached.

Next, imagine it just as a bracelet. Yes…this multi-functional tiara breaks down to be worn as a bracelet, with the yellow diamonds sparkling on your wrist.

We think that’s just plain clever.

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A Gift for your Groom


These brown jasper with 22k gold realistic book cufflinks were created by no other than artist Michael Kanners, who considers them to be a perfect example of his work. Depicting an unbalanced set of scales, one could gift this set to a Libra or an attorney, or for a lover of books–like us! They have already become a collectible item for men who want classic cufflinks without whimsical trends.

All of my best[read more]

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Antique Russian Diamond Engagement Ring


Courtesy 1stDibs

Courtesy 1stDibs

I find vintage pieces fascinating. One may only guess at the history such a piece holds. When trying on antique jewelry, I try to place myself in that era, imagining what the original wearer must have looked like, what she may have worn, what she did in her life. We’ll never know, as this ring has no written history.  However, we do know that cobalt blue enamel was very popular mid-eighteenth century, and that it looks ravishing with yellow gold.

Note the scroll work, somewhat medieval-style, on the sides of the ring. According to the jeweler, this piece was marked with a rhombus shaped assay stamp with the coat of arms of St. Petersburg – a scepter laid on two crossed anchors with date ‘1851’ below the maker’s initials of ‘AH’. We would love to see your heirloom pieces!

All of my best[read more]

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