Matthew Christopher Celebrates One Year in Manhattan Boutique

MC deskTen days ago I took a short journey to New York City to celebrate designer Matthew Christopher’s one year anniversary in the Fashion District of Manhattan. It was hot and everyone unlucky enough to be outside in the heat was desperate to be inside–anywhere that was cooler. Taxi cab drivers seemed to have gone berserk with horns honking more than usual, ambulances were dispatched for unknown emergencies, and all of us were caught in a deadlock. One ambulance followed my cab for about a mile, sirens blaring the whole time. I felt pity for the poor soul in the vehicle, who was likely awaiting the safety of a hospital, but stuck in the throes of rush-hour traffic.

I arrived a bit later than I had planned, and was hot. Oh, so hot. Matthew’s party had started without me, and even Matthew himself was running fashionably late due to the same … [read more]

Matthew Christopher’s Spring 2014 Bridal Line

Courtesy Matthew Christopher

Courtesy Matthew Christopher (Amelie)

During Bridal Market this past October in New York City, I was barely able to squeeze into the runway show of one of my favorite bridal designers- Matthew Christopher. To say this show was packed is an understatement. I was lucky to be shuffled near the front of the photographer pit so I could get a good look at the action as people waited in the doorway, trying to cram their bodies in so they could get a glimpse at what ended up being an amazing show. Matthew came out at the end with his entourage of beauties, eyes sparkling, happy smiles, waving to everyone as applause thundered in the packed room.

One thing I really love about this designer–he uses models of all shapes and sizes in his shows and for promotional shoots, showcasing that all women are beautiful and that his dresses are created … [read more]

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