Godey’s Bridal Fashion

1884We’re going pretty far back this Friday straight in to the 1880s with some beautiful bridal fashion illustrations taken from Godey’s Lady’s Book, one of the most popular and widely circulated magazines pre-Civil War. This well-known magazine was marketed mostly to women, and contained fashion illustrations such as the ones featured here in almost every issue. Godey’s also catalogued dress trends at the beginning of every issue, making them a great historical source for finding out more about the fashion of the late 1800s.  1882

Godey’s covered trends from every day wear to bridal fashion. You can see from these illustrations that this was a rather conservative time for clothing, where women were covered from neck to feet and wore gloves to most functions. Despite these restraints, silhouettes were rather grand, and the skirts of many dresses were adorned with frills, bows, and intricate designs. Hats were also popular, many grandly … [read more]

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Flashback Friday: The Kiss

From the Wedding Story Writer collection

From the Wedding Story Writer collection

Sealing the deal ends with a kiss. There is no other time when kisses are as accepted or expected as on the wedding day. Guests clap after the first kiss at the end of the ceremony. Companies manufacture bells for receptions to be rung so that the couple kiss. We tap on our wine glasses. Let’s be honest here: on your wedding day, your friends and family want to see you kiss. They expect to see you kiss.

The next time they see you, not so much.  Take advantage of that one day when kissing in public is truly A-OK.

From the Wedding Story Writer Collection

From the Wedding Story Writer Collection

[read more]

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A 1971 Swiss Dot Military Wedding

From the Wedding Story Writer Collection

From the Wedding Story Writer Collection

Most of the time when I find a wedding photo from the 1970s I cringe. As I’ve explained before, I’m not a fan of polyester fabric, and unfortunately that leaves a high portion of 70s weddings out of my favorite list. This wedding is a bit different. First of all, it occurred at the beginning of the 70s, April 24, 1971 to be exact. The bride and groom, Billie Jean and Chris, chose a powder blue for bridesmaids and a dusky blue tuxedos for the groomsmen. I’ll overlook the tuxedos for a moment and concentrate on the actual gowns.

The bride is covered head to toe in what might possibly be silk organza. She has long bell-ended sleeves, a high collar neckline, and probably gloves based on what her attendants wore. Perhaps she was traditional in every sense, or maybe the church had modesty … [read more]

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Flashback Fridays: The Civil War era bride

Portrait painted by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, 1847, as an anniversary present for Prince Albert

Queen Victoria by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Although not the first royal bride to marry in white, Queen Victoria was responsible for beginning the white wedding dress trend, now tradition, when she married Prince Albert in 1840. Because photography didn’t exist in 1840, or possibly existed but not fully-developed, Queen Victoria commissioned artist Franz Xaver Winterhalter to paint her wedding portrait in 1847, as a gift to her husband. Note the details the artist captured of the Honiton lace in her gown.


Above you see a tintype photo of a bride from the 1860s, my guess would be 1862/65 due to the skirt. Orange flower blossoms, a symbol of fertility, also trimmed the ruffle flounced dress and became part of her veil. This photograph is quite the collector’s item. Although we cannot see as much detail in the photo as we can in the painting of Queen Victoria, this … [read more]

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Flashback Friday: Wedding Circa 1912-1916

From the Collection of Wedding Story Writer

From the Collection of Wedding Story Writer

I am guessing on this gown age–circa 1912-1916. The dress seems to be very elaborate with a lace design from the bodice down the skirt. The neck is high, that trend beginning years earlier. Around 1911, necklines became squared but the high neck was still widely used. This bride’s hemline is shorter, showing her ankles, which leads me to believe the photo was taken around 1916, when hemlines rose. Before this time it was considered lewd to show one’s ankles.

Garland around one’s veil was also popular during this time. The bride wore satin slippers, but is glove-free . She stood on the side of her new husband while he sat comfortably in the chair. Aren’t they a cute couple? I wonder who they were. (I wish I had that dress!)

If you are an expert on menswear, I invite you to contact … [read more]

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An 1863 Royal Wedding: Prince Albert & Princess Alexandra

1863 Princess Alexandra Of Denmark, later Queen of the United Kingdom and Empress of India as the wife of King-Emperor Edward VII.When Prince Albert Edward of Wales and Princess Alexandra of Denmark married on March 10, 1863, he was 21 and she was 18. The photo taken of them on their wedding day captures the regal stance and undeniable youth of the royal couple. Alexandra’s dress was designed to follow the style and taste of her new mother-in-law, Queen Victoria. Made of English silk and lace, fresh garlands were interwoven between its many layers, matching the flower crown that adorned her hair. If you squint, you can make out the intricate designs of roses, shamrocks, and thistles in the lace that represent three countries that were part of the United Kingdom at the time (England, Ireland, and Scotland). It is an English dress through and through. This dramatic dress is complemented with an equally dramatic train, also made of lace, which stretches well down Alexandra’s back.

It’s hard to imagine that … [read more]

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Flashback Friday: Veils 60’s Style

60s Bride


I love veils. I enjoy seeing brides who still want to bring this tradition into their wedding day, although the current trend doesn’t always include them. In my collection of wedding photos I found these two pictures of interesting veils from the 1960s. The top veil has a headpiece that seems to be at least 4 inches tall, then piled high with coal black hair. The veil netting is short but seems to have a longer veil attachment in the back, which I imagine is due to the fact that she is wearing a long dress, and a short veil might have seemed awkward. I’m a big fan of huge short veils, so I really liked the top photo.

Swing down to the bottom picture now. This bride also wears a halo type of crown base, but with a huge hair bun on top. The hair all but covers [read more]

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Flashback Friday: That 70’s Wedding

weddingpic754I, for one, am happy the 1970s are long gone. I remember wearing heavily flowered corduroy pants and polyester shirts with v-collars that could literally poke out an eye. Wedding dresses weren’t too different. In style was the polyester dress–one that couldn’t be wrinkled and could basically be thrown in the washing machine the day after the wedding, coming out looking brand new. Veils were heavy, but hats were all the rage, as seen in the photo above. Yes, I lived through this age. I was a flower girl at least twice during this time. I don’t even want to discuss the tuxedos from back then.

Strangely, as a child of the 70s, I also fell in love with weddings. To this day I still ask myself how that happened, being surrounded by nothing but polyester. My saving grace had to have been the family photos of weddings from the … [read more]

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Antique Wedding Postcard

While we are busy up in New York the next few days for International Bridal Week, we thought we would tease you with a gorgeous vintage wedding photo postcard from the early 1900s. I’m not sure as to why wedding postcards in particular were so popular, but imagine it became that way due to the French daguerreotype photo trend (many being nude) and the fact that collecting post cards was at its peak around 1908. Wedding themed postcards are hard to find, so if you do locate one, purchase it.

From the collection of Wedding Story Writer

From the collection of Wedding Story Writer

All of my best[read more]

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Cutting and Feeding of the Cake

wedding pic801


There are  fewer parts of the entire wedding festivities that guests love more than the cutting of the cake. Next time you attend a wedding, note how many guests take a closer look at the cake. Some of the comments usually revolve around the flavors chosen, whether or not there was too much fondant used (many people don’t like fondant), and then there’s the question on whether or not the cake will be smashed into the faces of the couple by one another.

The lovely photo above depicts a young couple with their tiny cake, enough to feed 40 people, the heart-shaped topper almost as tall as the cake itself. The bride smiles to herself. Perhaps the groom fumbled with the knife a bit–we’ll never know for sure, but I doubt she had cake smashed in her face that day.

Cutting the wedding cake symbolizes the act of doing … [read more]