Pearl Diadem



I have a soft spot for diadems. They may not be as striking as larger crowns, but something about their small size makes them appear just so delicate and proper.

This particular diadem only measures 7cm tall, 19cm long, and 18.5 cm wide. In other words, it’s pretty tiny. Despite its small size, doesn’t diminish how elegant and stunning it is.

Created in 1853, this pearl diadem contains 998 brilliants (in this case, diamonds cut to appear more brilliant) and 212 pearls. Oh yes, you heard that right. Hundreds of pearls and diamonds make up this splendid little diadem, which was one of the crown jewels sold at auction in the late 1800s in France. In 1992, the group known as the Friends of the Louvre donated the diadem to the museum to be preserved.

I’m always amazed when I see pieces of the French Crown Jewels that have … [read more]

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Flashback Friday: Wedding Circa 1912-1916

From the Collection of Wedding Story Writer

From the Collection of Wedding Story Writer

I am guessing on this gown age–circa 1912-1916. The dress seems to be very elaborate with a lace design from the bodice down the skirt. The neck is high, that trend beginning years earlier. Around 1911, necklines became squared but the high neck was still widely used. This bride’s hemline is shorter, showing her ankles, which leads me to believe the photo was taken around 1916, when hemlines rose. Before this time it was considered lewd to show one’s ankles.

Garland around one’s veil was also popular during this time. The bride wore satin slippers, but is glove-free . She stood on the side of her new husband while he sat comfortably in the chair. Aren’t they a cute couple? I wonder who they were. (I wish I had that dress!)

If you are an expert on menswear, I invite you to contact … [read more]

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Flashback Friday: Veils 60’s Style

60s Bride


I love veils. I enjoy seeing brides who still want to bring this tradition into their wedding day, although the current trend doesn’t always include them. In my collection of wedding photos I found these two pictures of interesting veils from the 1960s. The top veil has a headpiece that seems to be at least 4 inches tall, then piled high with coal black hair. The veil netting is short but seems to have a longer veil attachment in the back, which I imagine is due to the fact that she is wearing a long dress, and a short veil might have seemed awkward. I’m a big fan of huge short veils, so I really liked the top photo.

Swing down to the bottom picture now. This bride also wears a halo type of crown base, but with a huge hair bun on top. The hair all but covers [read more]

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A Something Blue Sapphire Locket

Beautifully Engraved Sapphire Diamond Locket

There’s nothing quite like receiving a locket from someone, whether it be from a family member or a loving partner.  Lockets are very personal tokens. They hold pictures of those we hold most dear and rest close to our hearts, making them a truly wonderful gift to give to someone you care about.

This particular locket was created around the 1900s. Engraved with a beautiful flower and spirals, this gold locket is set with Montana sapphires and diamonds, creating a classic yet stylish look. Lockets can be great for everyday wear, whether it’s to the office or out to lunch. A locket with this kind of design and sparkle would also look great if paired with a black dress for a night out.

Have a locket you hold close to your heart? Please share it with us! We want to do a feature on all of the lovely lockets out … [read more]

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Flashback Friday: Wartime 1940 Weddings

2013-08-06 20.39.24


In the early 1940s, many brides had very little time or money to plan a wedding. Many couples were concerned only with the legality of marriage, and the bond it produces, not with the traditions involved with planning a wedding. There were uncertainties of time–many soldiers had only 2 days to tie the knot and head back out to sea, or hop the next plane. In my vintage wedding photo collection, I have many of these old photos of brides wearing their best dresses for their special day. They are very meaningful to me, although they lack the white ruffles, lace, veils, and flower bouquets. I see a couple in love, with very little time, making the best use of it–marrying the one they love.

All of my best[read more]

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House of Bianchi, 1980s, Minus the “Poofs”

We’ve got a really good one for you today. It’s always fun to go back and look at what was popular in decades past. We dug through the “closet”, so to speak, and got our hands around this special piece: a vintage 1980s strapless Mermaid gown from Bianchi. The fashion house specialized in vintage and previously worn gowns. Although no longer around, Bianchi gowns are still highly sought out, and one can still score some spectacular finds with just a little digging, like the one pictured above.

Made out of organza with plenty of faux pearls, sequins, and ribbon, this dress comes complete with a detachable train, allowing the wearer to transform quickly and comfortably for the wedding reception. This dress is on the fun side, so it can also be worn for other appropriate occasions (multi-functionality is always an added bonus!).

I’ll be honest, … [read more]

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Forget-me-not Vintage Gloves

Gone are the days when all women covered their hands in gloves. Prior to circa 1960 (and a bit beyond), most women in the U.S. didn’t leave their homes without covered hands and head. I love finding old photos of family members, noting the fashion changes throughout the years. I adore finding vintage photos at flea markets, treasure troves for the fashion inclined.

I found these delicate forget-me-not and rose vintage gloves at Helpers House of Couture, San Francisco, tags still intact, and thought how lovely they would be on the hands of a modern bride with traditional ideals. I once had a huge collection of vintage gloves, keeping only a few favorites, selling the rest many years ago. Although I don’t own the gloves above, I can’t help but imagine them being used in a real wedding. 

All of my best[read more]

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Paloma Picasso Book Handbags Part II

Paloma Picasso book evening bag

As a passionate book lover, I couldn’t pass up the chance to share this vintage Paloma Picasso book-shaped evening bag with my readers. Made of suede, leather, and brass, this bag will certainly stand out and receive many compliments.  Unfortunately, someone already purchased it, but we can still admire it from afar. Don’t you love the blind stamping on the cover and the gold spine bands? I do!

All of my best[read more]

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Lost and Found

Edwardian Bride

Her eyes seem lost. It is a new step in her journey. What if this step is the wrong step? The dress gives no indications of what her frame must be like. Even her hair, elegant and simple, cannot be strictly described as straight or curly or wavy. Not many words can describe her chosen look nor even where she looks on this day. However, she knows that she chose this path. Whether the reasons make much sense at this very moment is not important. It was her choice and she finds her identity in that choice.… [read more]

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Edith Head’s Classic Illustrations


Growing up before the age of digital media, I feel lucky to have witnessed many forms of classic illustrative artwork in the magazines and books I read over the years. Edith Head’s work always fascinated me, as it continues to do. I can’t help but sit looking upon these pieces, wishing I had the key to unlock the storage unit where these gowns are being stored, likely somewhere in Hollywood.

Dress up time anyone? Tea party? Yes, I suppose I’m still a little girl at heart, still longing to wear these ultra-feminine gowns of the past. Instead I’ll share them with you here. Perhaps you can take something from them, incorporating the idea into your own wedding or gala.

Here are a few of my favorite Edith Head pieces. Enjoy!

Edith Head illustrations

Edith Head illustrations-Olivia Bette

All of my best[read more]

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