Amanda Judge NY Bridal Belts

We’ve got bridal accessories on the brain, which can be as equally as exciting and important as the wedding dress itself. We were going through pictures of belts we have used in past photo shoots, and after looking at all of the strands of crystal and lace, we thought it appropriate to share our find of some stunning wedding sashes by Amanda Judge.

Her handmade creations have been featured in countless wedding magazines, and she has a plethora of other wedding accessories you might enjoy. Her sashes are the perfect finishing touch to many elegant wedding dresses.


Courtesy Amanda Judge

While we try to pull ourselves away and get back to work, take a look through her collection and let us know which belts are your favorites.

Warmly, Julia  Wedding Story Writer[read more]

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Flashback Friday: Wedding Circa 1912-1916

From the Collection of Wedding Story Writer

From the Collection of Wedding Story Writer

I am guessing on this gown age–circa 1912-1916. The dress seems to be very elaborate with a lace design from the bodice down the skirt. The neck is high, that trend beginning years earlier. Around 1911, necklines became squared but the high neck was still widely used. This bride’s hemline is shorter, showing her ankles, which leads me to believe the photo was taken around 1916, when hemlines rose. Before this time it was considered lewd to show one’s ankles.

Garland around one’s veil was also popular during this time. The bride wore satin slippers, but is glove-free . She stood on the side of her new husband while he sat comfortably in the chair. Aren’t they a cute couple? I wonder who they were. (I wish I had that dress!)

If you are an expert on menswear, I invite you to contact … [read more]

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An 1863 Royal Wedding: Prince Albert & Princess Alexandra

1863 Princess Alexandra Of Denmark, later Queen of the United Kingdom and Empress of India as the wife of King-Emperor Edward VII.When Prince Albert Edward of Wales and Princess Alexandra of Denmark married on March 10, 1863, he was 21 and she was 18. The photo taken of them on their wedding day captures the regal stance and undeniable youth of the royal couple. Alexandra’s dress was designed to follow the style and taste of her new mother-in-law, Queen Victoria. Made of English silk and lace, fresh garlands were interwoven between its many layers, matching the flower crown that adorned her hair. If you squint, you can make out the intricate designs of roses, shamrocks, and thistles in the lace that represent three countries that were part of the United Kingdom at the time (England, Ireland, and Scotland). It is an English dress through and through. This dramatic dress is complemented with an equally dramatic train, also made of lace, which stretches well down Alexandra’s back.

It’s hard to imagine that … [read more]

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Olia Zavozina Couture Designs

Courtesy Olia Zavozina Couture

Courtesy Olia Zavozina Couture

Today we’re featuring a fantastic Russian designer based out of Nashville- Olia Zavozina. We noticed her line last fall during Bridal Market, and were eager to meet her this spring.

Zavozina has been designing dresses since childhood and has a great love for fabrics. When designing a gown, she literally plays with the fabric, placing it on a dress form to see how the fabric lays and flows. Once satisfied, only then does she begin her design process, drawing a picture of the future dress, stating to me that her designs are all about the fabric. It’s also about the color. If a dyed batch of fabric doesn’t meet her color requirements, she will not use it for the intended design. She is particular and meticulous and does not sway from her vision. The beautiful ball gown pictured above was love at first sight for us. … [read more]

Flashback Friday: That 70’s Wedding

weddingpic754I, for one, am happy the 1970s are long gone. I remember wearing heavily flowered corduroy pants and polyester shirts with v-collars that could literally poke out an eye. Wedding dresses weren’t too different. In style was the polyester dress–one that couldn’t be wrinkled and could basically be thrown in the washing machine the day after the wedding, coming out looking brand new. Veils were heavy, but hats were all the rage, as seen in the photo above. Yes, I lived through this age. I was a flower girl at least twice during this time. I don’t even want to discuss the tuxedos from back then.

Strangely, as a child of the 70s, I also fell in love with weddings. To this day I still ask myself how that happened, being surrounded by nothing but polyester. My saving grace had to have been the family photos of weddings from the … [read more]

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Escala Berazza

Courtesy Escala Berazza

Courtesy Escala Berazza


Escala Berazza

Escala Berazza, the design company, was born with the goal of delivering the perfect bridal gown, custom-created and measured to fit a bride’s body, needs, and desires. We came across their booth at New York International Bridal Week, stopped by the sight of a beautiful bright-blue peacock dress created for the company’s co-founder, Wei Escala. We were shown many gown styles, one of which had a uniquely gathered skirt, while another was a combination mini-dress with train, which I would have worn back in my younger days. Wei told me that she had searched high and low to find a gown that perfectly fit her body, but failed to find a local designer who could provide her with the gown of her dreams. She settled for a dress, and not too long after her wedding she began plans to start her own company. Fast forward to twelve … [read more]

Claire La Faye

Courtesy Claire La Faye

Courtesy Claire La Faye

We first got a glimpse of designer Claire La Faye’s bridal gowns back in October at the fall Bridal Market. It didn’t take long for us to realize we were seeing something special. We’re thrilled to be able to share some dresses from her most recent collection so you can all see just what we’re talking about.

Courtesy Claire La Faye

Courtesy Claire La Faye

La Faye’s style is characterized by gown featuring soft, flowing fabrics and romantic silhouettes, all complete with divine details. The collection is aptly titled A Love Less Ordinary, as these are no ordinary, run-of-the mill gowns. As La Faye describes it, it is “luxury with an edge”. Her other collections are well worth a peek as well. . Each dress is crafted with the same attention to detail in a variety of styles and colors to please any bride looking for a classic, glamorous gown … [read more]

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Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Wedding Story Writer Gown Collection

Finding the perfect dress for your wedding is almost as daunting as searching for a partner. You’re looking for the right match- something that makes you feel good, brings out the best in you, something that you will cherish forever. Some brides go in knowing exactly what they want, and others leave it up to fate. But just in case, here are some tips to help you find the perfect gown:

Find a dress for the body you have, not the body you want. Yes, it is a good goal to become healthier, losing extra weight only if you need to before your wedding, but more importantly to find a dress that actually fits you. If you end up losing a few pounds, you can always have your dress taken in. It’s much easier to take-in a dress, than to let one out. A great gown is always a gown … [read more]

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