Incorporating Family Heirlooms into Your Wedding

Vintage handkerchiefs for your wedding day

Over the years I have been asked many times how to incorporate family heirlooms into a wedding day, and most often the person who asked for my advice didn’t consider ideas on a smaller scale. When thinking “family heirloom,” most of us think of jewelry, furniture, and larger or more valuable items. Taking a small item and incorporating the idea of that item can be a fun way to celebrate loved ones passed on, as well as those who simply could not attend your wedding.

I carried my grandmother’s white lace handkerchief when I was married, in honor of her since she could not physically attend my wedding. I wrapped the handkerchief around the stems of my flowers and secured it with a pearl post. Take the idea a few steps further…utilize a basket full of vintage handkerchiefs, to be given out at your wedding to collect tears of joy, … [read more]

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Blue Monday: Going Vintage

Courtesy Vintage à la Mode

Courtesy Vintage à la Mode

I love to see brides using vintage inspiration for their weddings, but adore when they can actually utilize actual pieces from eras-gone-by. This gorgeous baby blue party dress from the 1950s would be the perfect gown to wear to your reception. With layers upon layers of gathered tulle and an exquisite bodice, rest assured it would still be considered as your “something blue” and has the glamour many brides insist upon for their big party.

All of my best[read more]

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Cake Stands for your reception

Courtesy The Blanchard Collective

Courtesy The Blanchard Collective

There are many ways to display your wedding cake. We like this traditional antique 18 inch cake stand from the mid 1850s, when cakes were relatively small, and white wedding dresses were just beginning to become a part of what we now consider to be “traditional” wedding attire. The bride and groom cutting this cake were likely affluent, cutting a cake of this large size. The stand is 7 inches tall, so we imagine the wedding cake tiers may have been stacked as they are today. What pieces do you have at your disposal to incorporate into your wedding day?  Perhaps you have your parents’ cake knife used by them at their own wedding. Perhaps you have no heirlooms, but are interested in beginning a family tradition of your own. Now is the time to create these traditions and build a collection of heirlooms for your … [read more]