Jennifer & John, at sea

John & Jennifer

The Grand Princess cut through the blue like a knife. Below, the cool turquoise of the sea, etched with lines of white foam and waves as the water hurried out of the ship’s way. Defiant waves push back at the bully of the boat, as if to remind the Princess that she was no “princess” out there. Above it, the crystal azure of a cloudless Caribbean sky turning paler as it reached the blaze of the white-hot sun above. A light breeze floats by, barely strong enough to counteract the heat.

The serenity of the outside is by no means matched on the inside. Busy bees carrying armfuls of lush blooms buzz around the Hearts and Minds chapel, moving in a perfumed haze. The chapel is flooded with the sunshine from outside, which glows off the reflective walls. John steps swiftly to the right as an army of tropical flowers … [read more]

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Katherine & Kevin, Raleigh

Katherine & Kevin

Katherine & Kevin

Katherine lounges on the maroon fainting couch; shoes up, train spread out over the floor.  The bottom of her shoes had been autographed by the members of her wedding party, each careful and haphazard pen stroke intact despite being already scraped a bit from walking.  Her grandmother is in the room with her, an elderly woman with a sweet nature, hugging the bride.  One could tell by looking at them that they have a close relationship with one another.

Katherine asks if she needs lip gloss or anything, directing the question openly to one of her many bridesmaids.  Thunder rumbles outside and Katherine sighs, unsure as to what the weather will bring for her outdoor wedding at Haywood Hall in Raleigh, NC.  She is happy to have arrived before the rain the weather forecaster promised would come that afternoon.  As it is, the weather has delayed the … [read more]

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Morgan & Mike’s October Wedding

October 8, 2011, a beautiful blue October day without a cloud in the sky. There was an ever-so-slight gentle breeze, and crisp tree leaves that were just beginning to transform into a golden yellow hue.  The suns rays shined bright, creating a friendly temperature warming the grounds for the cooler weather that was originally predicted for the day.  At the entrance of Mike and Morgan’s wedding venue, stood a giant Sally and Jack from the animated movie Nightmare Before Christmas, creating a silent greeting to guests.  A line of wedding guest cars ventured up the dusty, bumpy farm road, arriving at the wedding site one-by-one, some stopping for photo ops with the animated Jack and Sally before they pursued their final destination.  The vehicles of wedding guests were directed to park by two ushers whom were dressed in fancy, classic black and white tuxedos; an attire that was some what … [read more]

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